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Gig Preview: The Shakey Rays, The Lightyears Explode @ Kino 108, Mumbai

The first edition of BOMB Thursdays takes place tomorrow at Kino 108. Five punk rock acts will put on a showcase for American record label head Seymour Stein.

13 Mar, 2013

Shalaka Pai

Feature Writer

Have you ever looked at a gig lineup and felt complete confusion as to what performances are worth your hard-earned cash, time and precious auditory sensibilities? Well have no fear, we preview gigs here.

Mid-week gig time for Mumbai, and this time it’s closer to the ‘burbs. ennui.BOMB’s new gig series, BOMB Thursdays, aims to bring live music to the suburbs on a fortnightly basis. The first edition of the series will take place at Kino 108, Andheri, and will feature Chennai rock newbies The Shakey Rays, with a special appearance by Mumbai punk boys The Lightyears Explode. ”A lot of venues are doing these acoustic nights, singer-songwriter nights, that kind of thing. We thought there needed to be more gigs with live bands happening instead,” said ennui.BOMB man Rishu Singh, “and Kino 108 was very supportive of this.” BOMB Thursdays will not be genre-specific, and the series will feature various indie bands from over the country. But wait, that’s not all!

While the gig was originally supposed to feature two acts, it has now been expanded to include Mumbai hardcore act The Riot Peddlers, punk trio Blek, and rap act Microphon3, all of whom will perform a short showcase for the night’s special guest, Warner Bros Records Vice President Seymour Stein. Stein is responsible for signing massive punk acts including The Ramones and Talking Heads to his label, Sire Records. The label also manages Depeche Mode and The Smiths.

Stein’s presence should be a major pull for all musicians and music lovers, especially for those who’re hoping to get a bigger picture of the global scene. “The showcase is just going to be two songs,” Blek frontman Rishi Bradoo told us, “but I’m very excited to actually talk to Stein. If you’re a musician from Bombay talking to a musician from Delhi, you inevitably talk about the difference between the spaces, the venues and the scenes. But it’s a micro space and a micro perspective. Stein has a macro perspective, he’s looking at the same thing we are, venues, markets, trends, on a global level.”

The Lightyears Explode will play a quick set at the gig. The Mumbai punk rockers are fresh off their gig at #PumaLovesVinyl in Delhi (pics), and are keen to play in Mumbai with their expanded lineup. “We played a gig in Delhi, and we just wanted to play in our own city, so we spoke to Rishu. It’s going to be Bombay. People won’t be sitting down,” said frontman Saurabh Roy referring to what editor Arjun S Ravi described as the “reluctant Delhi audience” at the Puma Loves Vinyl gig. The band also has a new addition, with Ronit Sarkar joining them on guitars, backing vocals and keys. “The album has a lot of horn sections and other samples. After it comes out we can’t not sound like the album, so we’ve brought Ronit in to help beef up our sound,” Roy added. The band’s short set will see them play six tracks, all from their upcoming album The Revenge Of Kalicharan, which is scheduled to launch next month. Check out the Indiecision Guide To Upcoming Releases to see what other Indian indie releases are  scheduled to drop this year.

Watch a video interview wherein the boys talk to Rolling Stone India about The Revenge Of Kalicharan.

The Shakey Rays (pictured above) are known for their bluesy indie rock sound (read our review of their debut album Tunes From The Big Belly). The band has improved a lot since their first tour of India last year (check out pictures from the Mumbai gig here), and played a competent set, albiet riddled with sound issues, at the Bangalore edition of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender (report). The Shakey Rays always have fun on stage, and we’re expecting their Mumbai outing to be no different. The band’s 90 minute slot will see them play a “loud, dancey set”, according to guitarist Vikram Kannan, and will feature some songs from their next album, which is scheduled to release by the end of the year. The gig will also see Adam And The Fish Eyed Poets drummer Prabhu Muralee subbing for Niranjan Swaminathan, as the latter is out of commission due to an injured foot. “Prabhu’s been gigging with us for the past couple of weeks,” Kannan told us, “and while we do sound a little different, it’s not so much that you can’t recognise it’s us.” Stream some tracks by the Chennai band below.

    BOMB Thursday is also a pretty sweet deal for Mumbaikars looking out for a midweek (okay, one day after midweek) chill scene, as entry will set you back by a mere Rs 200, and happy hours are in effect through the night. So, y’know, go.

    BOMB Thursday takes place from 8.30pm onward at Kino 108, Andheri. Entry is Rs 200. 

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