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In Pictures: #PumaLovesVinyl @ Zorba, New Delhi

  • Delhi loves Vinyl
    Who loves vinyl? We do. And so does Puma. Last year, Puma teamed up with NH7 and seven Indian indie acts to put out a limited edition 12" vinyl, which was released at a gig at Mehboob Studios, Mumbai (picures here). The Puma Loves Vinyl season ended in Delhi over the weekend (Saturday, March 9) with a gig at Zorba, a sprawling outdoor amphitheatre near Gurgaon. The lineup featured all-girl pop-punk act The Vinyl Records (pictured), Mumbai punk trio The Lightyears Explode, Kolkata act The Supersonics, Ankur & The Ghalat Family, and Delhi homeboy Dualist Inquiry.
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil
  • DJ Paperslut?
    Is that secret underground DJ Paperslut we spy? Nah, it's just a doppelganger. Indiecision editor-in-chief Arjun S Ravi hosted the night, which marked the final #PumaLovesVinyl gig after successful events in Mumbai (pics, video) and Bangalore (pics).
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil
  • The Vinyl Records
    Arunachali act The Vinyl Records have a fresh sound, and their set saw them play several covers as well as a few original tracks. The band grooved though covers of tracks by CSS including 'Rat Is Dead', and also played a rendition of 'Cherry Bomb' by The Runaways. While The Vinyl Records were a bit shaky at the beginning of their set, they definitely have potential, and we'd love to see more of them in the future. Besides, the scene needs more girls around.
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil
  • The Lightyears Explode(d)
    The Mumbai punk trio played a pretty tight set, beginning with 'Kunj Gutka', a track that featured on the soundtrack of Bejoy Nambiar's David (albiet under a different name, read more about the David soundtrack here and check out pics from the launch gig here). The Lightyears Explode powered through a badass set, stopping only to deal with a broken guitar string, an issue that remained unresolved.
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil
  • Wait, did we say trio?
    This was the band's first gig with a new member, Ronit Sarkar, who has joined in as guitarist, backing vocalist and keyboard player. The Lightyears Explode are scheduled to release their debut album, The Revenge Of Kalicharan, next month. Watch out for it, it's worth the wait.
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil
  • Grooving, clicking.
    It isn't a party unless there are photos (on Facebook), everyone knows that. While the rest of the crowd was being lazy (described by the editor as "the reluctant Delhi audience), these three were having the time of their lives.
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil
  • Seated scenes
    Each band played a 30-minute set, which may have been a bit short, as changeovers happened just as the audience were beginning to get into the groove of music they may not have been familiar with. As it was, the crowd were content to merely sit around and chill.
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil
  • Ankur & The Ghalat Family
    The Hindi rock act played next, upping the vibe a little. The Ghalat Family recently played a chilled-out set at A Summer's Day, Mumbai's newest music festival. Check out pictures and a report from the festival, which was headlined by Norah Jones.
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil
  • Going Ghalat
    The crowd was considerably more excited about this set, and were much livelier than they had been for the earlier portion of the evening. 'Chand Chahiye' went down extremely well with the Delhi crowd, as did set-ender 'Mohabbat Zindabad'.
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil
  • The Supersonics
    The Kolkata post-punk act played the penultimate set of the evening. The band rushed through a set of material mostly from their debut album Maby Baking.
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil
  • The Living Room Shuffle
    The band also performed the song 'The Living Room Shuffle', an acoustic version of which you can check out on Chaiwala Sessions.

    The quartet played a tight set, dispatching songs without much fuss, but the Delhi crowd didn't bite and stayed largely stationary throughout.
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil
  • Dualist Inquiry
    The Delhi producer played the closing set, finally getting the crowd onto their feet to dance around.
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil
  • Delhi loves dance
    And dance they did. All the quintessential Dilli dance moves were unleashed upon the Zorba grounds as Bakshi played a glitchy, upbeat set, which included material from his upcoming debut album, Doppelganger.
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil
  • The doppelganger
    Doppelganger is scheduled to release this Friday, and Dualist Inquiry will take off on a month-long release tour. Check out details here, to find out when he'll be in your city. You can also download 'Specter', the first single off the album here.
    Photo credit: Mohit Kapil


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