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Gig Preview: Vega Massive, OX7GEN @ Blue Frog, Mumbai

Mumbai electronica act Vega Massive make their live debut this Tuesday. We tell you why you should check ‘em out.

11 Mar, 2013

Vishad Sharma

Contributing Writer

Have you ever looked at a gig lineup and felt complete confusion as to what performances are worth your hard-earned cash, time and precious auditory sensibilities? Well have no fear, we preview gigs here.

Mumbai electronica act Vega Massive (pictured) will play their first ever live show at the Blue Frog, Mumbai, on Tuesday, March 12. They define their genre as ‘electro-rock’ and have been together for about a year, and in that time have released four songs (we gave three away for free download when we interviewed them earlier in 2012), and have also released a fourth single in September 2012 based on Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch (read about it here). The band features Suprateek Chatterjee and Nariman Khambatta (ex-Sledgehammer) on guitars, Sarosh Nanavaty on vocals, Rahul Hariharan of Bhayanak Maut on the drums, Rahul Pais on bass and Pranav Dongre on keyboards. We spoke to guitarist Suprateek Chatterjee about what people can expect from the band when they finally do go live.

“The biggest challenge is adding to the sound that we already have. The songs were composed and produced by Nariman (Khambata) and I, and even though they are pretty lush in their studio avatar, we wanted them to sound better. We really wanted to add something more to the overall sound that we’ve developed,” said Chatterjee. The band’s compositions are already quite lush and orchestral so it might be interesting to see what exactly they plan to add to their sound in terms of a live performance. “We want our live performance to sound different. It’s like when the Nine Inch Nails or Muse perform live, their songs sound different from how they sound in studio and there are a lot of elements that these musicians add to the live performance in order to give it depth, so that’s what we’re trying to do with our sound. We’ve got a laptop that is playing samples, we’ve got Pranav Dongre on keyboards who will also be playing some samples.” Apart from this, the band have also edited and created video samples that will be projected for specific songs. “We’re going to make the set as seamless as possible. There will be a lot of intro samples that lead in from one song to another and stuff like that. We really want it to be an immersive live experience.”

Listen to their song ‘Babydoll’ below.

Stream the band’s other singles below.

    The band will play an hour-long set that is going to be largely seamless and will feature six original songs along with four covers, including a Nine Inch Nails cover. Apart from Vega Massive, the gig will also feature performances by Yohan Marshall, a singer-songwriter who also drums for The Family Cheese. Marshall will kick off the night by playing an Early Set at 7.30pm and will be followed by Vega Massive. The final performance for the night will be delivered by local drum ‘n’ bass producer Aditya Ashok, aka OX7GEN, who released his EP Any Minute Now in late-2012 and is known for providing audiences with layered, satisfying sets. The producer has been playing a lot of gigs this season, just having concluded a very cool Shaa’ir + Func gig at Blue Frog (OX7GEN plays drums for the band) wherein the male members of the band played in drag. Ashok has promised to lay down some set surprises on Tuesday, apart from playing his usual “liquid” drum-’n'-bass set.

    Yohan Marshall, Vega Massive and OX7GEN will play the Blue Frog, Mumbai on Tuesday, March 12 from 7.30pm onwards. Entry to the event post-9pm will set you back Rs 350.

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