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The Throwdown Vol. 4: B-boy Nevermind

  • Nevermind.
    Twice a month, The NH7 Throwdown will introduce you to the country's best b-boys and b-girls, from young'uns to the veterans, the powerheads and the style maniacs. This week, I caught up with B-boy Nevermind.

    Ever since Naidu Sagar aka B-boy Nevermind entered the circuit, he's been making waves with his powerful combos and his inimitable style. Sagar currently works as an instructor with Freak N Stylz crew, and has represented the crew and country in international tournaments, including the eliminations for the prestigious R-16, in Taiwan. Sagar is currently one of the best b-boys in the Bombay scene, with his moves having established him as the one to beat.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • How'd you start b-boying?
    I saw a friend popping and locking and asked him about it; he began to tell me about the dance. Then, another friend suddenly started talking to me about hip-hop (dancing) and how it's called b-boying, so we searched the internet for hip-hop and got a lot of information. I looked for classes and found Freak N Stylz classes and improved a lot. I used to practice two hours a day, now it's three.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • What's your personal b-boying philosphy?
    There's respect in b-boying, but you have to work hard for respect, and for everything. If you want to get something, like a title or whatever it is, you need to work hard. And if you want to make your country advance in this sphere, you need to think about everything, like your parents, what's gone down in the past, all the bad times, so... for respect and for the country, you have to work hard. In b-boying, I want to make the country proud, that's what I'm working towards. I think Indians can hold their own against b-boys from Korea and Thailand now. It'll happen, it'll get better.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • What are your favourite moves?
    "Combos. Basic combos."

    Sagar does combos best, and he's quite partial to them in his sets, using them to hit the beat just right.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • What's your favourite music to break to?
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • What has your toughest battle been?
    I battled Shane at the UK B-boy Championship last year. Five throwdowns, that was probably the toughest.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • "It's pointless if your basics aren't clean"
    We spoke later of the recent Soul Jam, which Sagar judged. "It was a good crowd," he said, "but people need to learn more. Newer b-boys try to learn very advanced moves very quickly, but it's pointless if your basics aren't clean. All of the best international b-boys are so good because they have their basics in place. B-boy Noodle of Gamblerz crew was at Soul Jam, and he just nixed everyone who wasn't perfect. Someone would do a flare, and he'd just do this (holds hands up in a cross). He wouldn't even say anything. I think that's the problem with b-boys, you tell them to learn properly and join a class and they'll just show you a move and say, but see, I can do the move."
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai


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