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The NH7 Media Capsule: Vol. 1, Iss. 33

Today’s Media Capsule features interviews with Lucky Ali, Dr. Palash Sen and Nayantara Bhatkal among others.

8 Mar, 2013


Indiecision Staff

We’re not the only people who cover the Indian music scene, you know. The Media Capsule is a roundup of some of the stories about Indian music being covered in the press.

For girls we rock
Pune Mirror, March 8
Pune band Pluvium will be holding a concert for International Women’s Day at Arc Asia in Pune today. The Pune Mirror finds out more about the gig.

Ehsaan Noorani lets his fingers do all the singing
The Telegraph, March 8
The Telegraph speak to guitarist and composer Ehsaan Noorani about composing, playing and collecting guitars, money and how he got the blues.

Bollywood hurts people’s sensibilities: Lucky Ali
Times of India, March 8
Singer-actor Lucky Ali speaks to Times of India about Bollywood creating low quality content, hurting sensibilities and his desire to create content that is relevant.

Music makes me happiest: Nayantara
Times of India, March 8
Times of India interview singer-songwriter Nayantara Bhatkal (Who is she? Find out here) about her career, how it has grown, her favourite songs and other things like that.

Rockstar is an overused word: Palash Sen
Times of India, March 8
Dr. Palash Sen of Euphoria speaks to Times of India about how he “didn’t indulge in drinking or smoking – basically led a very middle class life, and yet became a rockstar” because rockstars are made of drinking, smoking and non-middle class lives.

That’s all for the news today, check back tomorrow for your dose of the Media Capsule.

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