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Magic 8-Ball: Top Mumbai Munchies

Looking to line that stomach after a sesh? Look no further.

8 Mar, 2013


Indiecision Staff

NH7′s Magic 8-Ball exists to help answer some of life’s most germane questions. It has just one goal – the guaranteed, timely, delivery of an efficient solution during those moments made particularly inefficient by recreational insobriety. When we decided to talk to local scenesters about the best destinations for munchies all around Bombay city, little did we know we’d elicit responses so impassioned, so thought-out, so dedicated to the quest of finding the perfect after-toke craving. Now the items on this list aren’t high cuisine (well, in a way they are), they’re not exquisitely prepared culinary delights of the kind cooking-based reality shows are about. These are preparations that thread the fine line between esculent works of art, and wholesome belly stuffers. Okay, mostly that second bit.

1. Chorizo Bagel @ The Bagel Shop, Bandra
Many taste-makers, game-changers are overall awesome people swear by the Chorizo Bagel at the Bagel Shop in Bandra, when they have that very particular peninsular sausage craving, after a fat session. We all know that uber-particular cravings for spicy sausage can’t be f’ed with during those moments. Hence.

2. The McFlurry @ McDonalds 
Mickey D’s McFlurry has been catering to two sections of the desert market for many years. The first market being the one that needs that ice cream, and the second is the ice-cream for ice-cream’s sake market (you know, the Sunday crowd). Red-eyed slackers are represented heavily across both. Sure, it ain’t Dairy Queen, and turned upside down, this would probably make a mess, but a McFlurry sure hits the spot when you’re craving. This was recommended by famous underground DJ PsyRoKr. Don’t bother Googling him. He’s too underground.


The connoisseur’s ice-cream, this.

3. Bacon Butty + Chocolate Overload Brownie @ Theobroma
For people who aren’t just prolific tokers but also prolific eaters, the combination of Theobroma’s french fries, bacon and garlic sauce-filled wrap and the decadent Overload Brownie is the real deal. This is one of the unhealthiest munchie options we came across; a recommendation from a rather skinny writer of a leading news publication.

4. Doughnuts and Palmiers @ Oven Fresh
Sugar takes precedence over all other cravings after a heavy weekend afternoon piping out peace. Even over water. And oxygen (for some). This from old-school scenester and artist manager Anu Anna George – “The melted hot chocolate and the soft amazingness of the doughnut bread… it’s not too sweet… and then the crunchiness of the palmiers with the sugar crystals on top that make it special… I suck at this shit.”

5. Vada Pao @ Ashok Vada Pao aka Kirti College Vada Pao, Prabhadevi
Anti-smoking band Tough On Tobacco’s Jai Row Kavi eats drums for breakfast. However, when it comes to the munchies, he’s pretty certain about what he wants. His pick for this list is the vada pao in the Kirti College lane. He says, “I’ve been eating them since I was a kid. They cost, like, 15 bucks, which is unheard of for vada pao, but they’re totally worth it.” He’s not lying.

The legendary Ashok Vada Pao.

The legendary Ashok Vada Pao.

6. Baja Boilermaker @ The Lazy Dog, Kala Ghoda
Okay, this is not food. But if you’re faded enough, the awesomesauce deal for a bottle of Bud and a shot of imported tequila (Rs 275 all-in) will make more sense than any sugary, fatty treat. Note: This is just my name for it. You’ll probably have to ask for the beer and shot separately.

7. Sagar Glass @ Varanasi Juice Centre, Colaba
This is straight-up, machine-pressed, all-natural sugarcane juice. Pure sugar in a glass. Did I hear you say discount? Hell yeah. Sugarcane juice at Varanasi is discounted for students, the media, and I think, the armed forces. Bad ass. We only rock pure in town, the good shit, ya bish?


Serious sugar here.

8. Velvety Burmese Khowsuey @ Lemon Grass, Bandra
Varoon Nair aka Squidworks, ex-bassist of psychedelic rock band The Mavyns, spent some time in the culinary industry and strongly recommends the Khowsuey at Lemon Grass. Why? “It’s the bomb. Massive stoner portions, it tastes great, and it’s not too expensive,” says Nair. That’s the word.

Honorable mention:

9. Cadbury 5 Star @ Every grocery store
Cadbury’s 5 Star forms part of  of the old guard of Indian chocolate. Think Bar-One, Nutties and Crackle (yellow wrapper). Its appropriation by the three-hit-pass community (weediquette) comes down to two things really – firstly, it’s chocolate, nougat and caramel (like a Mars bar, but cheaper); secondly, it comes in a bright gold wrapper targeted at who else but children. It also tastes better when it’s warm, and by that I mean sat on for a while.


Music to our, um, stomachs.

What’s your go-to belly stuffer for post-toke consumption? Home delivered chocolate ice-cream or something savoury like galawati kebabs from Kakori house (also home delivered in certain parts of the city) perhaps? Leave a comment and let us know.

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