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In Pictures: Sky Rabbit @ Blue Frog, Mumbai

  • Sky Rabbit
    Mumbai electro-rock quartet Sky Rabbit played to a pretty packed Blue Frog on Wednesday. The band are planning to release a new EP soon and the gig also served as a preview for the material that will feature on the EP.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Rahul Nadkarni
    Nadkarni was sounding pretty good on guitars throughout the gig and didn't really seem to care about anything apart from the music. The band kicked off their set with 'Try' and followed it up with 'One', a new-ish song they've played at a few gigs.

    The song was followed by 'March' off their self-titled album.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • "It's all a joke..."
    The band weren't very chatty on stage, preferring to march through their set. The communication between the band and the audience was limited to song names being exchanged by both parties.

    Pictured here: Raxit Tewari looking pretty happy about getting this far even though it's all a joke.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Harsh Karangle
    Karangle looked very happy about the fact that he was banging things all night long and was even more silent than the rest of the band, only exchanging glances with the members and smiling through most of the set.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Siddharth Shah
    Shah was one of the most emotive people on stage, swaying to the music and moving around on stage. The set was peppered with tracks from their first album along with the newer material they previewed at the gig.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • New Samples
    The band had reworked the samples on their single 'Anti-Coke Ganpati' and sampled out a new version of the song to the audience at the gig. It was quite well-received.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • New Materials
    Among the new material that the band played at the gig were songs such as 'Over The Rise', 'Sun Me Out', 'In Our Times' and 'In Dance'.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Photography
    The band were being photographed by this guy (not Karangle) who has been couch surfing with the band's manager. He took some interesting photos of the band that can be checked out here.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Steven Herteleer
    The photographer in the previous photo is Steven Herteleer, who is currently travelling through India. This is his photograph taken through an empty glass at the Blue Frog. You can check out his other photos here.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • The End
    The concert didn't go on for too long, ending before the clock even hit mid-night but the music was groovy enough to have every drunk soul in the adulating audience swaying and on their feet.

    The band were generally quite efficient and the short no-frills concert was very well-received. The band walked off the stage immediately after their last song and didn't return even when people called out for an encore but apart from that, not a single bad note was heard all night.

    Check out a setlist below.
    'Sweet Smile Diving'
    'I Become I'
    'In Dance'
    'Over The Rise'
    'Sun Me Out'
    'Anti-Coke Ganpati'
    'In Our Times'
    'Maybe Is Open Tonight'
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya


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