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In Pictures: Neel and The Lightbulbs @ Blue Frog, Mumbai

  • Mr. Printer
    Kolkata rock act Neel and The Lightbulbs played their first gig in Mumbai at the Blue Frog on Tuesday, March 5.

    The night kicked-off with a three-song opening set featuring Aazin Printer (ex-Something Relevant) on vocals. The set was sparsely arranged, featuring accompaniment in the form of Pradeep Mathews (ex- The Mavyns) on acoustic guitar.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • P-Mat
    Mathews accompanied Printer for four stripped-down songs out of which three were covers. The duo covered Sam Cooke's classic and Indian indie cover favourite 'A Change Is Gonna Come', the Amy Winehouse-version 'Valerie' and Dolly Parton's 'Jolene'.

    Printer also sang an original called 'You've Got It All Wrong' and the set kind of felt like one of those talent nights that take place in college competitions.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Neel and The Lightbulbs
    The gig was the first time Neel and The Lightbulbs performed in Mumbai and the band took a lot of time to get on stage, but were efficient musicians. The quartet have previously released an EP called House In A Car, along with three videos for their songs. Stream the EP in its entirety here.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • 'Blue Stripes'
    The band kicked-off their set after a lengthy monologue delivered by vocalist Neel Adhikari. Adhikari seemed to be enjoying himself a lot and talked almost incessantly. An attendee remarked, "Seems too theatrical."

    'Blue Stripes' was the first song the band played.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Subhodip Banerjee
    Subhodip Banerjee plays lead guitar for the band and is one of the reasons you should check the band out. Banerjee also assists Adhikari on vocals and plays some pretty incendiary solos, with a lot of flair.

    Banerjee's contributions to the songs transforms them from twee-sounding indie pop into some pretty amazing sounding indie rock.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Roheet Mukherjee
    Mukherjee is the bassist of the band and apart from looking cool as a cucumber on stage with The Lightbulbs, also plays bass for Kolkata Bolly-rockers Ganesh Talkies.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Avinash Chordia
    Avinash Chordia plays drums for the band. He is also the drummer for Kolkata indie-darlings The Supersonics and was in great form, as always.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Neel Adhikari
    Adhikari has been part of a number of bands, including Five Little Indians and Gandu Circus. Neel and The Lightbulbs focuses more on the songs he has written and composed by himself.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • Sidd Coutto
    Sidd Coutto joined the band to sing on the chorus of 'Throw It All Away'. A concert-goer remarked, "He's a serial collaborator, man."

    Coutto also played drums on one song for the band.
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya
  • 'Throw It All Away'
    Aazin Printer, referred to by Adhikari as "That beautiful boy with a beautiful voice", also joined the band on stage for 'Throw It All Away'.

    The band's set was energetic and well-paced, with some drama added to the mix by the seemingly over-enthusiastic Adhikari. The only letdown was the lyrical content of the songs, some of which was too unevenly stretched over the music.

    Check out the setlist from yesterday's gig below:

    'Blue Stripes'
    'Lights And Tunnels'
    'Bull In A China Shop'
    'Go Back'
    'Washing Windows'
    'One Time'
    'House In A Car'
    'Throw It All Away'
    'Friends In The Right Places'
    'Uh Ho'
    'Dark Wet Hole'
    'Freefallin'' (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers cover)
    'Don't You Worry'
    Photo credit: Naman Saraiya


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