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The NH7 Media Capsule: Iss. 1, Vol. 30

Today’s Media Capsule features a recap of Norah Jones’ recent performance in Mumbai, and an article about the difficulties Indian classical musicians are facing.

5 Mar, 2013


Indiecision Staff

We’re not the only people who cover the Indian music scene, you know. The Media Capsule is a roundup of some of the stories about Indian music being covered in the press.

Strings of fire
Pune Mirror, March 5
Western classical string quartet Quartor Ebene will be playing in Pune on March 6 and 7. Their set features arrangements of Hadyn, Debussy and Dick Dale’s ‘Miserlou’. The Pune Mirror tell you why you should check the quartet out.

An evening to remember
The Hindu, March 4
The Hindu are very impressed with Chennai band Grey Shack’s recent performance at B-Flat in Bangalore.

An evening with Norah
Times of India, March 5
The Times of India describe what went down at A Summer’s Day 2013, focussing mainly on Norah Jones’ performance. Read our coverage of the event here.

Musicians are up in arms against PPL and IPRS
Times of India, March 5
The Phonographic Performance Ltd. and the Indian Performing Right Society are two autonomous bodies that report to the Human Resource Development Ministry and they are making it hard for Indian classical musicians to play music. The Times of India explains how.

That’s all for the news today, check back tomorrow for your dose of the Media Capsule.

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