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Rip ‘N’ Run – Mastodon, Baroness, The Chemical Brothers

We scoured the internet looking for the ten best deals in digital music this week. And now, we’re sharing the loot.

4 Mar, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Taking cue from the irrefutable king of ripping and running, we bring you the sweetest, the most bomb dot com deals in digital music this week. And, we answer the three Ws for you too. We’ve tried to bring you some records/EPs all priced under a hundred bucks (except for that one double-record), so you can save some of that hard-earned bread for the next great gig. 

What : Mastodon – The Hunter
Where : iTunes – Rs 70
Why : We reviewed Mastodon’s last record and it got a B- (which is an above average score). Some say it’s the best record put out by the American sludge-metallers.


What : Django Django – Django Django
Where : iTunes - Rs 70
Why : If you’ve played FIFA 13, you’ll recognise the second track on this record. The four piece British rock band received some great reviews for this record and also found themselves nominated for a Mercury Prize. It’s alt-rock meets the right amount of electronica to give you something new.


What : Knife Party – 100% No Modern Talking EP
Where : iTunes - Rs 9
Why : Remember last time we told you a Knife Party EP was for nine bucks? So is this one.


What : Advaita – The Silent Sea
Where : Flipkart - Rs 60
Why : Advaita recently won the ‘Record Of  The Year’ at the 2013 edition of the JD Rock Awards. The New Delhi band was on The Dewarists last season and the band’s second full length release is a fine example of their maturing sound over the past few years.


What : Opiuo – Butternut Slap Pt. 3 EP
Where : iTunes - Rs 60
Why : All you MTV Bloc Party fans, we recommended a track from this EP on a recent Five at 5. It’s quality electronic music at sixty bucks. We suggest you pick it up.


What : The Chemical Brothers – Dont Think (Live From Japan)
Where : iTunes - Rs 80
Why : The Chemical Brothers released this record sometime last year. Re-live their Japanese gig for just eighty bucks.


What : Siddharth Basrur – Chasing Rain Chapter 1
Where : OkListen - Rs 40
Why : Siddharth Basrur has been associated with the Indian independent scene for over a decade now. He fronts a prog metal band and has guested and collaborated with a number of Indian artists. Chasing Rain is his first solo release as a singer-songwriter. At forty bucks, Chapter 1 of Basrur’s releases proves to be an easy listen for a quiet weekend.


What : Baroness – Yellow & Green
Where : iTunes - Rs 180
Why : Probably one of the finest metal albums of 2012, Baroness’ Yellow & Green is a double album that showcases how the band are giving progressive metal a new sound, keeping in mind the old. For Rs 180, this 18-song album is a steal.


What : Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Psychedelic Pill
Where : iTunes - Rs 90
Why : Neil Young & Crazy Horse have come out with an album that’s about eight songs long and has songs that go on for half an hour or so. It’s a bit of a crazy listen but it’s also a brilliant exploration of the songwriter’s guitar abilities and a brilliant example of what a jam band should sound like in studio. For Rs. 90, coming with a whole bunch of videos, this is a package deal no one should be missing out on.


What : Gary Clark Jr - Black And Blu (Deluxe Version)
Where : iTunes - Rs 80
Why : Remember that track called ‘Bright Lights’ which Siddharth Basrur sang with Blackstratblues at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Bangalore? No? Ok. The song’s off blues-man Gary Clark Jr’s record Black And Blu. A quintessential blues rock record, at eighty bucks, this is a good healthy does of the blues.

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