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The NH7 Media Capsule: Vol. 1, Iss. 28

Today’s Media Capsule features interviews with Raghu Dixit and Vikram Sampath, a musical archivist.

1 Mar, 2013


Indiecision Staff

We’re not the only people who cover the Indian music scene, you know. The Media Capsule is a roundup of some of the stories about Indian music being covered in the press.

People here sing along to my Kannada songs
Times of India, March 1
Raghu Dixit speaks to the Times of India about how the audience in Delhi is really appreciative of his music and about the new film he is composing music for.

Delhi resonates with percussion
Times of India, March 1
A detailed round-up of what went down at the three-day long World Percussion Festival in New Delhi.

Past echoes
The Hindu, February 28
The Hindu speak with Vikram Sampath, a music archivist who has set up the Archive of Indian Music, an organisation that is collecting a treasure trove of old Indian music and transferring them from analogue to digital.

That’s all for the news today, check back tomorrow for your dose of the Media Capsule.

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