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Five at 5 – Vol 38

We’re already two months into 2013. That’s ok, listen to these five tunes.

1 Mar, 2013

Adwait Patil

Contributing Writer

The Indiecision Five at 5 is our attempt at sharing our musical tastes with you, and showcasing music from around the world. Each weekday at 5pm sharp, one NH7 writer or staffer will bring you five songs he/she is listening to on the day. Adwait “The Realest Galactico” Patil makes it rain quality tunes for you to enjoy over the weekend.

1. Melody’s Echo Chamber – ‘Crystallized’

Melody’s Echo Chamber is a collaboration between Australian musician Kevin Parker and French singer Melody Prochet. The former fronts Tame Impala while the latter is a vocalist who is known for her dreamy pop vocals. If you’re familiar with the production chops on both Tame Impala records, Melody’s Echo Chamber sounds like an extension of Parker’s production. A drowning fuzzy soundscape layered with Prochet’s dreamy vocals. Oh, official music video below.

2. Gramatik – ‘Bluestep’

New Gramatik single! This one’s more electronic than his earlier stuff. Gramatik’s earlier stuff was more soul-funk meets EDM. A niche that the NY-based producer carved for himself. This track revolves around what Gramatik can do with pure electronic sounds. Though it’s a slight shift, finesse is not compromised on and the single does sound slick. As the name suggests, Gramatik is trying to infuse some good old blues with pumping electronica beats. It’s his first single and he did say the new record’s gonna have some diverse material.

3. Jim James – ‘State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U)’

Jim James is a part of My Morning Jacket and also plays in a band (supergroup?) with M. Ward called Monsters of Folk. James’ third solo release (first full length record) is a display of his complete musical ability. The first track off the record, State Of The Art opens with a clean piano part, follows up with some lovely hi-hat work and gains just the right tempo with a non intrusive bass-line. ‘I use the state of the art / Technology / Suppose to make for better living / And a better human being / We got our wires all crossed / The tubes are all tied / And I’m straining to remember / Just what means to be alive’. Some serious introspection on this one.

4. Lifafa – ‘Boa Gombay’

Lifafa is Suryakant Sawhney (of pcrc fame). After listening to Lifafa 1, it elicited a similar reaction, to when I heard pcrc for the first time (“What! These dudes are from Delhi?”). According to his Border Movement interview, Lifafa 1 consists of Sawhney’s work over a period of time. Similar to the band’s music, Sawhney’s output is not something you hear everyday coming out of Indian electronica producers’ laptops. ‘Boa Gombay’ is my favourite track from this record. At no point do elements in the song overpower the mood set in the first 30 seconds. The track moves in a linear direction and different sounds/samples are used, but the airy vibe of the track is sustained throughout.

5. Opiuo – ‘Fizzle Tickler’

Opiuo was in India a few months ago. I regret not attending his set. He released an EP, Butternut Slap Part 3 towards the end of last year. His bio says ‘I Like Beats!’ (Sorry, but here’s the original beat lover) and his song is tagged ‘Sizzling Swunk-o-bass-monk’. Now I don’t exactly know what that genre-tag means but Fizzle Tickler’s got that groove going on. If you’re an electronic music producer and don’t have vocals in your song, you have to keep your listener hooked till time’s over. Opiuo does that.

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