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Indie March Festival Calls for Volunteers

Bangalore venue CounterCulture is all set to host the Indie March Festival, and they’re looking for volunteers to cover the festival for them in return for a season pass!

27 Feb, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Machas, next month’s going to get waaaaay indie. Bangalore venue CounterCulture is set to host the Indie March Festival, a month-long celebration of indie music. Every weekend, the venue will host three gigs (on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) featuring awesome indie acts from all over the country. Starting on March 1, the festival will see performances by Sky Rabbit (pictured outside), Peter Cat Recording Co, Chennai act The F-16s, Parvaaz, and Sulk Station, among many others. Also playing the festival are Kolkata rock act PINKNOISE (pictured inside), Delhi producer Dualist Inquiry (who’s launching his new album Doppelganger on March 15, check out a preview of the launch gig here and download Specter and Exile off the album) and Naga folk group The Tetseo Sisters. The festival also features other fun activities over the month, including an indie music quiz hosted by NH7 Editor Arjun S Ravi on March 24. You can check out a full schedule of events here.

So here’s the deal. The folks at CounterCulture are looking for volunteers who will cover the festival on various social media forums. The Indie March social media ninjas will be required to attend all the Indie March gigs and Tweet, Instagram, and make posts using their personal social media accounts using a couple of hashtags. In return, they’ll get a season pass to the festival, as well as a substantial discount at the restaurant and bar. So, if you apply, you’ll be doing what you usually do at gigs anyway (watching while you tap away on your super-smartphone), only you’ll be attending a lot of excellent gigs for free.

Sound like a plan? Awesome. So here’s how you go about it - drop an email to CounterCulture, or send them a message on their Facebook page telling them why you’d like to volunteer. Also, put in details including your Twitter handle, Facebook user ID, and Instagram username so that the folks can see what you’re all about. Get to it quick, for the deadline to apply is March 1.

Meanwhile, here’s a playlist of Indie March artists to listen to while you tap out your application.

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