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Rip ‘N’ Run – Sound City, Atoms For Peace, Knife Party

We scoured the internet looking for the ten best deals in digital music this week. And now, we’re sharing the loot.

25 Feb, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Taking cue from the irrefutable king of ripping and running, we bring you the sweetest, the most bomb dot com deals in digital music this week. And, we answer the three Ws for you too.

What: Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day
Where: iTunes - Rs 80
Why: Because it’s Led Zeppelin. And also, there’s no better, cost-effective way to relive a concert that you probably would have never been able to attend.

What: SkratBring Out The Big Guns
Where: OK Listen - Rs 100
Why: The Chennai’s alt rockers’ second record. The record’s rock ‘n’ roll. We think 100 bucks for this record’s a good idea. (Isn’t that what an auto ride b/w Andheri and Bandra costs nowadays?)

What: Knife Party – Rage Valley EP
Where: iTunes - Rs 9
Why: Remember that new car scene in Breaking Bad? Yeah, that’s a Knife Party track and it’s on this EP. And guess what, the EP’s for 9 BUCKS!!

What: Neel And The LightbulbsHouse In A Car EP
Where: OK Listen - Rs.100
Why: How much do you know about Kolkata’s music scene? This EP’s got a few of Kolkata’s finest musicians. It’s an easy on the ear record that should fit well with your daily home to work/college (or wherever you go) commute.

What: KOAN Sound – The Adventures of Mr. Fox
Where: iTunes - Rs 84
Why: KOAN Sound were in India a few months ago. Bass heavy electronic music for Rs 84. The next time you’re hosting a party, you can add a few fresh tunes to that ‘house-party’ playlist of yours.

What: Justice – Helix EP
Where: iTunes - Rs 9
Why: The new Justice EP, is also for 9 rupees. If you download this EP, this goes straight into that ‘house-party’ playlist mentioned above.

What: Sound City – Real To Reel
Where: iTunes - Rs 110 (Pre-order)
Why: This album is expected to release in the first half of March. If you’ve seen the documentary, you’ve seen a sneak peak of the tracks on this record. Rs 110 for a record whose credits list boasts of some of the biggest rockers on the block? Why not?

What: Atoms For Peace – Amok 
Where: iTunes - Rs 120
Why: Two reasons. First one being that it’s a Thom Yorke project. And we know that isn’t enough for some, so, the second reason is that we’ve listened to it already, and it’s bad-ass. And, Flea’s on it too.

What: Iceage – You’re Nothing
Where: iTunes - Rs.120
Why: Because it’s the best Danish pop-punk out this year. And we’re unsure if there’ll be any better. And, yeah, it costs just a little more than a Sub-Of-The-Day.

What: The Black Keys – El Camino
Where: iTunes - Rs.70
Why: Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song at the 2013 Grammys. The Akron, OH blues rock duo’s seventh studio album is available for Rs 70. That’s exactly $1.30 (according to today’s exchange rate). Do you think it’s worth it? We do.

We’ll be ripping, running, and bringing you the steals of the week, every week on NH7.in. Check back soon.

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