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In Pictures: JD Rock Awards 2013 @ Mehboob Studios

  • Running Into Awards
    Blek played the first set at the JD Rock Awards 2013. Their half-hour-long set included 'Dancing With Wolves', 'Running Into Walls', and 'Fog  + Strobe', which earned them a nomination for Song Of The Year (our picks, and other NH7 coverage of The JD Rock Awards here)
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • P-Man @ The JD Rock Awards
    P-Man partially hosted the event, going around the audience to interview attendees. "Welcome to JD Land," he says here to Blek's biggest fan.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • And Blek finally emerge.
    The first award presented was for Best Emerging Band, bagged by Blek.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • What's awards got to do with it?
    Uday Benegal picked up the award for Best Keyboard Player on behalf of Indus Creed's Zubin Balaporia. Benegal and the host had very different perceptions of what actually should constitute the award.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Rocking With JRK
    Jai Row Kavi (Indus Creed, brother of Vasant) won the award for Best Drummer.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • You Could Be Dreaming, But You're Not
    Something Relevant played a half-hour set, mostly comprising tracks from their new album We Could Be Dreaming. Read more about the album here.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Vivienne
    The next award announced was that for Best Female Vocalist. Vivienne Pocha won, beating out Samara C of The Ska Vengers, and Tanvi Rao of Sulk Station.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Guess Who's Back
    Oh look, it's Mandira Bedi.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • It's on
    The "All-Star Jam" begins, with Suman Sridhar of Sridhar/Thayil (album review) at her wonderfully insane best. Pudhe Sarka!
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Big Money
    Suman Sridhar threw a fake Rs 1000 note at the audience. It may have missed its target.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • More Jam...
    with Siddharth Basrur, Gareth and Aviv from Split, Viru of Scribe, and Krishna of Goddess Gagged. The audience were in for a surprise when...
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • They covered 'Lucy'
    Yeah, they did. Listen to 'Lucy' and the rest of Hook here.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • They dig it
    A certain section of the crowd was delighted.
    Pictured: NH7 Editor Arjun S Ravi and Zero's Bobby Talwar.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • The Crowd
    Well, one table's worth. They definitely knew what was happening on stage.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Meanwhile...
    Indus Creed's Jai Row Kavi and Bhayanak Maut's Sunneith Revankar pose for a random picture.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Bobby's on stage
    but he's not singing or playing 'PSP'.
    Also pictured: Rachel Varghese, Siddharth Basrur, Luis Chico, Garreth D'Mello, Aviv Pereira.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • All Girls Everything...
    except for Rohan Mazumdar (The Colour Compound) in the back.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Oh wait!
    There are more awards left to give! Krishna Jhaveri picked up Skyharbor's award for Best Metal Band.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Miss World spotted in Bandra
    Yukta Mookhey appeared to present the award for best album, bagged by "Advait" for The Silent Sea.The band also won the award for Best Cover Art, tied with Swarathma.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • And it's a wrap
    And the award for Band Of The Year goes to Indus Creed, making that three for them on the night.
    So, that about wraps up NH7's visit to the JD Rock Awards 2013. We covered the run-up to the awards extensively, and you can check all our coverage out here. Till next year...
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai


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