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BASSFoundation Announce Four-Year Anniversary Tour

BASSFoundation are celebrating their fourth anniversary with a four city mini-tour!

25 Feb, 2013


Indiecision Staff

New Delhi reggae/jungle soundsystem BASSFoundation are turning four and plan to celebrate their fourth anniversary with a four-city tour of India. The soundsystem features selectors Maarten ‘Big Daddy’ Klein and Ed ‘Praxis’ Anderson, along with Delhi Sultanate, Taru Dalmia, on the mic. The trio have been active since 2009 and are known for their active involvement in promoting the drum ‘n bass, dubstep and reggae genres in the country. The soundsystem then shifted base to London in 2012 and have since been hosting what are described as “notorious nights” at the Bar-A-Bar in Dalston.

The mini-tour will see Maarten ‘Big Daddy’ Klein flying down from the UK and performing with Delhi Sultanate in four cities to give fans a taste of some deep dubstep, reggae and jungle love. The tour will also feature performances by BASSFoundation Roots, a solo project Delhi Sultanate launched last year. BASSFoundation Roots features Sultanate playing a full vinyl and dubplate set, covering roots reggae and dancehall music that has influenced him over the years. Check out a video introducing the project here. The tour will be kick off on February 28 and will cover Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. The Bangalore concert will also see a performance by DJ and producer Vachan Chinnappa.

Tour Dates:
February 28: Pebble, Bangalore
March 1: Cocaine, New Delhi
March 2: Bonobo, Mumbai
March 3: High Spirits, Pune

Check out a tour poster-type-thing below.

Click for higher-res version

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