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Quick Fix: Richie Hawtin, Wassup! Andheri, “Rolling Stone Tribute”

On the news today: a masterclass by Richie Hawtin, the return of Wassup! Andheri, and a tribute to Rolling Stone. Yes.

20 Feb, 2013


Indiecision Staff

There’s a lot happening in the world of Indian indie music and culture every day. We thought we’d give you the pick of the daily news, served up right here in one handy spot. This is your Quick Fix.

Richie Hawtin to host masterclass
Legendary techno DJ Richie Hawtin is in the country to play a three city tour, which kicks off in Mumbai tomorrow. Prior to that, he’ll be hosting a masterclass in the city. That’s right, Hawtin announced last night that he’d be hosting an hour-long masterclass at Blue Frog, Mumbai today, from 6pm to 7pm. The event is free, but you’d best register here.

Swarathma embark upon ‘Wah Ji Wah Wah’ tour
The Bangalore folk-rock act’s latest three-city tour kicks off tomorrow, and takes them around the north half of the country.  The tour name is inspired by this kvltacular video in praise of Delhi’s metro system:

Are you dancing yet? Anyway, Swarathma will travel to Delhi, Ahmedabad and Indore this week, playing at several festivals, including the Sand Storm festival in Ahmedabad. Check out tour dates and deets below:

February 21: 8pm onward, Bonjour India festival, Zorba, Delhi. Entry is free.
February 22: 5pm onward, Sand Storm Festival, Ahmedabad. Festival passes can be bought here.
February 24: 7pm onward, Mridang, IIM-Indore. Entry is free, to valid college-ID holders.

Is your face ready for the bass? BASSFACE brings US dubstep artist Amber Noel to Kolkata tonight, with a show at Roxy, at The Park. Noel will perform along with Mumbai electro act Mr. Doss, and will be supported by local DJs Yidam and Rudra. BASSFACE kicks off at 8pm tonight, at Roxy, Kolkata.

Stream some tracks by Amber Noel below:

Wassup! Andheri announced
Wassup! Andheri is back. The annual cultural festival takes place from February 28 to March 3, and includes panel discussions, performances, workshops, movie screenings, panel discussions, a Michael Jackson tribute gig, stand-up comedy, talks on photography, film and art, improv comedy and more such funsies. The event takes place at Chitrakoot Grounds. You can catch a talk by filmmaker Sudhir Mishra, a kung fu showcase, and, if you’re inclined toward the film industry, a live audition for a film. Find more details on the festival website.

Rolling Stone Tribute Night?
We received a kvlt press release about a tribute to Rolling Stone.

“This is with regards to Hard Rock Café, the outlet is paying a tribute to Rolling Stone and getting the band All Star featuring Half Step Down and friends. Please find enclosed the listing note of the same for your perusal.” Throughout the press release, there is no mention of The Rolling Stones.

We were happy that music journalism is finally getting its due in the country (even if it is because of an error, probably, unless Rolling Stone have been releasing music that we’ve never heard of before) and asked Rolling Stone India editor Lalitha Suhasini about it. This is what she had to say:

Rolling Stone magazine celebrates its fifth anniversary in India and it’s about time people who claim to follow music knew the difference between the magazine and The Rolling Stones, the band. I’m going to launch a 40 kicks series of merch showing someone’s butt being kicked. Everybody who mails me wanting to work for Rolling Stones will get an ass badge. Every PR agency that confuses the magazine with the band will also be awarded an ass badge.

So all you Rolling Stone fans get ready to witness the electrifying performance at Hard Rock Café on Thursday, February 21, to the legendary Rolling Stone band.
Wild horses couldn’t drag us away.

That’s all the news for today. For a collection of music-related news in the press, check out the NH7 Media Capsule. Stay tuned for more daily editions of the Quick Fix.

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