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Micromax and OML’s In Campus Bring Micromax Arena To College Festivals

Phone company Micromax is teaming up with OML’s In Campus division to announce the Micromax Arena, which will bring awesomesauce headlining acts to college festivals all over the country.

15 Feb, 2013


Indiecision Staff

The college festival circuit is where most upcoming bands make their debuts and hone their skills. Almost every festival has a battle of the bands event, and for the younger bands, these events separate the pros from the amateurs. All college festivals have pro-nites, and we decided that the college crowd over the country needs to be exposed to more Indian indie. In Campus is a division of parent company OML that works to bring better standards of music and event management to India’s college festivals. In Campus has worked with various college festivals to upscale their events and production values, to curate the pro-nites and other music events and to curate and judge their band competitions. In Campus will also cover college festivals editorially, with videos, photo galleries and articles that showcase the quintessential college festival experience. And that’s because each college fest is unique. In the past, NH7 and In Campus have worked with Saarang, the annual festival of IIT Madras (check out some highlights from Saarang here), Mood Indigo, the IIT Mumbai extravaganza, and ICT’s Manzar, among others. In Campus will make it easier for college festivals to find appropriate headliners for their pro-shows, and also streamline the whole festival experience. It also seeks to get youth-oriented brands direct access to students during college festivals.

Beginning this weekend, handset manufacturing company Micromax are teaming up with In Campus to bring an immersive live music experience to college-going fans over the country. The company’s new property, the Micromax Arena, aims to reawaken the relationship college-goers have with music, movies, and sports, by presenting them in a more accessible and interesting way at the college level. Micromax Chief Marketing Officer Shubodeep Pal believes that this ties in with the company’s aim of bringing the Micromax brand to the youth, and that Micromax Arena’s goal is to bring a curated selection of live entertainment that is in sync with the tastes of college-going youth. The Micromax Arena will travel to 50 colleges in over 21 cities in India, and will feature performances by artists including Delhi electronica duo Midival Punditz, fusion-rock giants Indian Ocean, and electronic dance music sensation Dualist Inquiry. The brand is looking to create a long term sustainable property that will form part of In Campus. The goal of the partnership is to bring a curated, consistent brand experience to college-going youth.

Over time, the Micromax Arena will go on to host larger gigs by major international artists. For now, the Arena kicks off on February 15 at Reverb, the annual techno-cultural festival of Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune. Delhi electronica giants Midival Punditz headline the night, and entry’s absolutely free if you’ve got a valid college ID. The new property, the Micromax arena, aims to reinvent the relationship that college-goers have with music, movies and sports. Through the arena, Micromax Chief Marketing Officer Shubodeep Pal aims to use the brand to bring a curated selection of live entertainment to the youth.

Look out for gigs featuring Indian Ocean, Midival Punditz and many others at a college near you.



Stay tuned for details of Micromax Arena gigs happening around colleges.

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