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Cosplay @ Comic Con India 2013

  • Ain't No Thing But A Kingpin
    Spider-Man and Daredevils better watch out 'cause big man Wilson Fisk means business.
    Photo credit: Rishabh Sood
  • Blue Man Bhakt?
    Gods walked the Earth at Comic Con 2013, and butter must have been zealously guarded around this guy.
    Photo credit: Rishabh Sood
  • Test Your Might!
    Freeze, Punk! Sub-Zero has you in his sights!
    Photo credit: Rishabh Sood
  • Hammer Time!
    The hammer was about the only thing going for this particular Thor.
    Photo credit: Rishabh Sood
  • Shredder
    Just look at the gauntlets on our friend Shredder here. There's more than one way to de-shell a turtle...
    Photo credit: Rishabh Sood
  • Get Over Here!
    Like Sub-Zero, Scorpion seemed pretty badass and he certainly wasn't camera shy.
    Photo credit: Rishabh Sood
  • Scarecrow Krueger
    Ok, he's the Scarecrow from Batman but doesn't anybody else get totally distracted by the Freddy Krueger-eque syringe claws?
    Photo credit: Rishabh Sood
  • Your Webbing Or Your Life!
    A crossover nightmare of epic proportions, let's hope Spider-Man hid his Visa Spideycard in his money belt.
    Photo credit: Rishabh Sood
  • "... And The Red Queen's Off Her Head."
    The Queen of Hearts was feeling particularly cheerful at The Comic Con. We wondered why she felt like showing her calling card to everyone though.
    Photo credit: Rishabh Sood
  • Ninja Hattori's Off To A Good Start
    There were plenty of takers for the kid's category of the Cosplay contest and this young Ninja Hattori had a lot going for him.
    Photo credit: Rishabh Sood
  • 1/2 + 1/2 = One friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?
    Ninja Hattori had to get his game face on because these two spiderlings had their eyes on the prize as well.
    Photo credit: Rishabh Sood
  • Fine Bone China
    "Dead Bones" Brook is jovial character on the hit manga series, One Piece. Strangely enough, a jolly skeleton pirate seems almost normal when compared to the other things on this brilliant series. Seriously, they found an island in the clouds once.
    Photo credit: Rishabh Sood


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