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Watch: ‘Rise-Upping’ – Adam And The Fish-Eyed Poets

Trollfaces, derpfaces, and a dangling carrot make a very good point about the rat race in the Chennai indie rock act’s debut music video.

12 Feb, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Fresh off their victory at the Toto Funds The Arts Awards, Chennai indie-rock act Adam And The Fish-Eyed Poets released their first music video recently. ‘Rise-Upping’, off their 2012 release Songs From An Island, speaks of the hideousness of the rat race and the corporate routine, and the video satirizes just that.

The video for ‘Rise-Upping’ is by no means subtle – it’s right in your face wearing a trollface mask. Navin Muralee, the protagonist of this monochromatic piece, sees his life reflected in the eyes of a cow on a commode. A dream sequence shows him surrounded by corporate-whore derp faces as he awakens to a daily reality where everyone’s so ecstatic about data warehousing, and trollfaced superiors dangle carrots (literally, not metaphorically) that are cruelly taken away from him. One assumes that Muralee doesn’t conform to the system, since he’s relentlessly chased by Me Gusta-faced zombies, tossed into a sack and beaten up by more trollfaced bosses, and almost commits suicide by flinging himself off a balcony. The low-budget production is rather surreal, but uses widely recognized motifs to make a pretty good point. After shaking out of his daydream, Muralee stands up to the cow, and is given a trollface for his troubles.

Guitarist-bassist Abhinav Krishnaswamy, drummer Prabhu Muralee and vocalist Kishore Krishna all star in the video in some capacity. It is truly refreshing to see a rise in Indian music videos that are thematically well thought out, as opposed to simple performance videos. You may or may not understand the video for ‘Rise-Upping’, but you’ll definitely like it, and if you’re curious minded, you’ll definitely watch it more than once trying to figure it out.

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