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‘White Caps’ Multimedia Performance Tours India

‘White Caps’, a multimedia production by UK hip-hop company Champloo, combines film projections and b-boying to tell the story of an epic journey.

7 Feb, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Several international b-boys have some down to India in recent times, mostly to judge Indian tournaments and qualifiers for international events. For example, Korean b-boy Physicx judged The Culture Jam 2012. Also, several German b-boys have come down over the past two years to hold workshops and demos. We can safely say that b-boying culture in India is going places. This weekend, however, you’ll get to see a b-boy performance of a different caliber. Champloo, an award-winning British b-boying company, have brought their multimedia production ‘White Caps’ to the country. The Bristol company are largely regarded as one of UK’s most innovative hip-hop companies, and are known for their innovative dance-film theatre productions. ‘White Caps’ is a two-man show that combines film and breakdance to tell the story of an epic journey undertaken by two men. The production has been designed and created by Champloo co-founders Wilkie Branson and Joel Daniel, and uses a specially created background score by Bristol underground artist Type Sun.

Check out a preview trailer for ‘White Caps’ below.

Why should you try and catch the show? Well, while you can watch b-boying jams in India, hip-hop in the country stays rooted to its original tradition, and hasn’t yet crossed over into a theatrical space. ‘White Caps’ is presented as if one were watching a movie, with film projections and live dance together narrating the story. While b-boying is usually an explosive, aggressive dance form, Champloo takes the style and form to another level, using it to emote in ways that one usually wouldn’t expect from this type of dance. The production is currently touring India. They’ve already been to Bangalore, Calcutta and Thrissur, and their tour now brings them to Mumbai and Chennai. Check out the dates below.

Tour Dates
February 9: Cross Maidan, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai, 9pm
February 10: Dance Battle, Express Avenue Mall, Chennai, 6.30pm
February 12: Sir Mutha Venkatsubbha Rao Concert Hall, Chennai,  7.30pm

‘White Caps’ comes to Mumbai and Chennai this week. While the Mumbai performance is part of the ongoing Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, and is free of charge, tickets for the Chennai shows are priced between Rs 100 (for students) and Rs 500, and can be bought on BookMyShow.

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