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Five at 5 – Vol. 21

The mid-week Five at 5 is here. Stop what you’re doing right now! Tune in.

6 Feb, 2013

Neehar Venugopal


The Indiecision Five at 5 is our attempt at sharing our musical tastes with you, and showcasing music from around the world. Each weekday at 5pm sharp, one NH7 writer or staffer will bring you five songs he/she is listening to on the day. NH7 O.G. Killer Neehar Venugopal takes you through his five, this Wednesday.

1. Future Of The Left – ‘Beneath The Waves An Ocean’
No way you’ll ever find peace/With the name they gave you/ You’ll ever find peace/With the name you got.
The Welsh trio pull no punches on the third song from their 2012 album, The Plot Against Common Sense. Loud, sneering and bordering on anthemic, this is the perfect song to listen to before you go home and tell your parents you aren’t doing that cushy software job they always wanted you to do.

2. Children Collide – ‘The Flat Earth’
That bassline. This Australian band has been a favorite over the past year thanks to the constant airplay they receive on Triple J.

3. SlyDigs – ‘Electric Love’
Some songs are really simple. This one has a great hook, and is guaranteed to be stuck in your head till your coworkers shoot you for humming it all the time.

4. Jim Guthrie – ‘Lone Star’
Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP is a gorgeous indie game – combining a beautiful visual narrative with dynamic music. ‘Lone Star’, a recurring motif that greets the players throughout the game whenever they discover something new, shows just how far soundtracks for indie video games have come in terms of production and aesthetics.

5. METZ – ‘Wet Blanket’
METZ are a three piece punk/hardcore band from Toronto. ‘Wet Blanket’ is my favourite highlight off their self-titled debut album. It is pure ecstatic sonic assault. Listen, and go punch a kitten.

Check out previous editions of Five at 5 here, and stay tuned for more picks from NH7, Monday through Friday.

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