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Apache Indian Returns For a Four-city India Tour

This time around, he’s promoting his 2012 album It Is What It Is.

6 Feb, 2013


Indiecision Staff

In early 2011, news broke that the Don Raja was coming to India. ’80s kids got nostalgic, reminisced, and dusted off their old CDs and LPs. Apache Indian’s 2011 tour of the country mostly saw die-hard fans attending.

Back in the day, the bhangra-dancehall musician who has worked with Sean Paul, Shaggy and Boyz II Men, among others, was the first Asian performer to be nominated for the Brit Awards and the Mercury Music Prize. He pioneered the bhangra-reggae fusion sound, dubbed “bhangramuffin”, and kinda paved the way for British Asian DJs like Bobby Friction, who now slickly mix Bollywood, dubstep, and drum n’ bass. Mr Indian also appeared in a Tamil film, dancing alongside Prabhu Deva. Oh yeah. While he’s been living in the shadows after being dropped by Island Records, Apache Indian has still been pushing out Indian-inspired reggae, and his hit tracks, including ‘Boom Shack-A-Lack‘, are still being extensively used in movies and advertisements.

The reggae DJ is coming back to India this year to promote his 2012 release It Is What It Is. Apache Indian will play a four-city tour this quarter, though venues and ticket information have not yet been released just yet. Mr Indian plans to showcase more of his new material on the tour, including stuff off the new album.

Check out the first single off It Is What It Is below.

In an interview with Rolling Stone India, the artist explained that he’s been gravitating more towards DJing and the reggae sound system styles, and he’ll be showcasing that aspect of his work this time around.

Tour Dates
February 22 — Mumbai
February 23 — Bangalore
March 1 – Delhi
March 2 — Hyderabad

Aaaand take a look at the tour poster. We’re pretty sure the designers wondered whether to go with reggae or patriotism and then just decided to throw it all in there.

Holy mother of colour schemes!

Venues and ticket information for the tour will be announced this week. More details about the tour as we know them.

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