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NH7 Presents ICT-Manzar 2013′s The Big Band Theory

22 bands will fight it out at the battle-of-the-bands competition. The college festival will also see a headlining performance by The Raghu Dixit Project.

5 Feb, 2013


Indiecision Staff

It’s college festival time and battle-of-the-bands competitions abound everywhere. Since everyone knows college festivals are a great way to find some amazing new music, we decided to tie-up with the Institute of Chemical Technology to bring you their annual college rock competition The Big Band Theory. The competition is part of their annual cultural festival Manzar and will be held between February 7 and February 10.

The prelims for the competition will take place on February 7, starting at 9am and going on until 4pm on the day. There are 22 bands participating in the preliminaries. The bands selected on that day will participate in the finale on February 10. The competition of February 10 will be headlined by The Raghu Dixit Project (pictured). Apart from The Big Band Theory, the festival will also feature a huge number of other events, such as disco ball painting and mimicry, among others. Get the whole schedule and a list of the other events here and here.

Check out a video of Wired Anxiety performing their song ‘Fleshound Bloodhound’ at the 2011 edition of the event.

Keep watching this space for more from ICT-Manzar 2013 and The Big Band Theory soon.

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