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Halahkuh to Release Debut EP

The Pune death/thrash metal band will launch Desecration at the Entombed Metal Festival this weekend.

5 Feb, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Pune death/thrash metal band Halahkuh are all set to release their debut EP Desecration on February 9. Halahkuh are a four-piece metal band that are composed of Prakhar Soni (vocals, bass), Chinmay Bokil (guitars), Subhrajyoti Sarkar (guitars) and Arjun Menon (drums). The band have been playing since 2011, before the original drummer (Bappi Paul) and and lead guitarist (Sarvesh Deshpande) left the band in mid-2012. Halahkuh recruited two new members and in September 2012, they decided to begin work on their debut EP. Desecration has been produced by Adhiraj Singh (of Noiseware), who also runs Refractor StudiosDesecration consists of four songs by Halahkuh including ‘Sacrilege’, that features Undying INC vocalist Shashank Bhatnagar.

We spoke to Halahkuh guitarist Shubrajyoti Sarkar who told us more about the EP, and its awesome cover art

We planned on doing this EP for a while. We were going to do it even before we had to change our lineup. Chinmay and Arjun were friends of the band from the beginning and we’ve jammed with them quite a lot when we practiced. We even played alongside them during a Pantera tribute gig we did a couple of months before asking them to join us. So we decided pretty early on that we wanted to make this EP and as a band it worked out well for us. As for the cover art, we had our friend Hal Rotter make us this illustration. Rotting Graphics has done some insane cover art for bands like Cattle Decapitation, so we’re very happy to have our cover made by him.

Halahkuh will be playing the Born of Unity gig with Mumbai thrash metal band Zygnema (read about their upcoming trip to Inferno Festival here) in Nashik on February 7, which will be the first place where they sell physical copies of the EP. The official launch for Desecration will be on February 9 at the second edition of the Entombed Metal Festival in Pune (learn more about the Entombed Music Festival here).

Check out the teaser video and the cover art for Desecration below.


Halahkuh – Desecration

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