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In Pictures: Opening Weekend @ Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2013

  • Kala Ghoda Arts Festival
    The annual Mumbai event kicked off this weekend (Feb 2-3), at various venues around the art district. While some of the more interesting events take place during the course of the week (get the complete schedule on the NH7 Festivapp, it's less confusing than flipping through the printed schedule), there was still a fair amount of stuff to see, and a large crowd to wade through on Sunday, February 3.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Radical Garden
    While several of the installations at Rampart Row are visually striking but a tad imaginative, 'Radical Garden' is different. This three-part installation by Anglo-Dutch artist Anne-Marie Twigge combines art and chemistry to explore alternative uses of public spaces, using found objects.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • "Vespa" means wasp, don'tcha know?
    In case you didn't, this installation tells you just that.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Tired?
    Pause to get an excellent massage right in the middle of the streets, from the students of The Victoria Memorial School For The Blind.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • The Festival also has many, many things you can photograph.
    Installations, well-dressed people, what have you. All the DSLR jokes are true.

    "If Canon and Nikon put up stalls here they'd make so much money it's not funny." #OverheardAtKGAF
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Bahrupias
    For example, there are the Bahrupias. These performers wander around the festival, entertaining spectators. This particular primate got a lot of attention, and gave his audience plenty of love, as well as some much-needed grooming.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • The Festival also has myriad things you can pose with.
    Even though art appreciation etiquette specifies that one mustn't pose with or take photos of art, these unspoken rules seem to suspend themselves at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. Among several things that bystanders posed with was this Mumbai-centric installation, made from repurposed aluminum cans.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • But these guys may have lost the plot a little...
    This photo exhibit explains that Lavani, the traditional Marathi folk dance, is an art form and not an item number. Is it just us, or does a group of boys posing before that board seem a tad ironic?
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Ativirya
    If you hang out at Rampart Row long enough, you'll catch 'Ativirya', an excellent street play that uses popular culture and daily situations to put forward a message of womens rights.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Weekends are like this.
    If you're going to the Festival on a weekend, we suggest you go early. Or, you know, be different. Go far from the madding crowd...
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • ...and chill at Cross Maidan.
    Cross Maidan is where many of the dance and music events at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival take place. Over the space of the next week, you can catch performances by hip-hop crew SlumGods, folk musicians in association with the National Streets For Performing Arts, and British Sarod Maestro Soumik Datta.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Isheeta Ganguly
    We caught a little of fusion vocalist Isheeta Ganguly's performance. Ganguly's short set opened the music section of the festival.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Usha Uthup
    Cross Maidan filled up really quickly for legendary pop vocalist Usha Uthup. The singer performed an upbeat set featuring most of her popular tracks, to the delight of an adoring crowd.

    The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has several brilliant events each day, but fear not! We'll be putting out our daily recommendations every morning on the NH7 Facebook page. You can get a complete schedule on the NH7 Festivapp.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai


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