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Attention B-Boys! SoulJam Announced

A new bi-monthly b-boy jam organised by ToTheCulture plans to make sure that Mumbai’s b-boys have a reason to practice daily, and a place to test their skills.

4 Feb, 2013


Indiecision Staff

It’s no secret that the b-boying scene in the country is growing rapidly. While Mumbai, specifically, now has a large number of solo b-boys, and an increasing number of crews, b-boy events are few and far-between, limited to college competition events, crew anniversary jams (such as The Culture, and the annual Freak N Stylz anniversary jam) and qualifiers for big-ticket tournaments such as BOTY and R-16.

Hip-hop website ToTheCulture.com plans to change all that. The first edition of SoulJam, a bi-monthly b-boying jam, is set to take place this month. The event will feature solo b-boy jams, and unique battles, and is an initiative to make sure that Mumbai b-boys have scheduled events to train for.

“B-boys will push themselves to practice on a daily basis,” organiser Paritosh Parmar told us. “It’s good for the community, because we don’t have to wait for big jams to come to the city anymore. We’re currently organising solo battles, because there are so many upcoming b-boys right now who are not part of a crew, and they need an avenue to show their skills. We’re expecting a lot of new, fresh b-boys to register. Our unique battles will be events such as footwork battles and freeze-hold battles. These don’t happen in India, but they do happen at international events, and we’ve had a lot of requests for such battles.”

SoulJam events will be organised entirely by b-boys. “It’s going to be more of an underground event, specifically for b-boys,” Parmar said. Senior b-boys from the city’s more prominent crews will be called upon to judge the battles at the jams.

The first SoulJam takes place on Sunday, February 24 at the Games hall in the Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai. Individual b-boys can register for the Soul’O'Battle (ie, a one-on-one battle) here.

More on SoulJam as we hear it. Check out an event poster below.


If you’re a b-boy in training, SoulJam would be a good place to get down for your first battle.

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