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Unbox Festival 2013 Opens at Delhi’s Zorba

The festival’s opening will see performances by the likes of B.L.O.T. and Nucleya.

31 Jan, 2013


Indiecision Staff

The 2013 edition of the Unbox Festival will be conducted between February 7 and February 10 in New Delhi. The festival is an interdisciplinary design conference that features everything from open labs, to seminars and showcases, during the four days it takes place. Previous editions of the festival have featured musical performances by BASSFoundation, Jitter, and Kohra.

The opening of the festival, on February 7 between 7pm and 10.30pm, will take place at Zorba (the giant outdoor space that has played host to several events already). The evening will feature New Delhi’s live audio-visual duo B.L.O.T, along with electronic music producer Nucleya (pictured inside), co-founder of the Bandish Projekt. Additionally, sarod player Soumik Datta and table maestro Arif Khan – both from Kolkata – will be performing material off of their 2012 album Sounds of Bengal. Stream a song from the album below.

Visual performances at the event will be created by Smriti Choudhury aka Pinksoda, part of a branding and design studio from Delhi (check out some of her work with Nucleya’s album covers here), and Mumbai experimental design studio, The Busride led by Ayaz Basrai (the people behind the design of Cafe Zoe and the Smoke House Deli in Mumbai).

Entry to the event is free, and you can register for the event (registration will set you back Rs 6,000 or Rs 12,000) at Unbox’s website here. Find more details about the event here.

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