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Stream Devoid’s New EP on NH7.in

The Mumbai metal band are releasing their EP on February 3 and we’re going to do a pre-release stream especially for you guys.

31 Jan, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Mumbai metal band Devoid are releasing their EP The Invasion on Sunday, February 3 at the Blue Frog Metal Nights in Mumbai. The band had announced the EP earlier last year, telling us that it is a concept EP about “annihilation by the hands of beings from a much more advanced cluster of planets mistaken previously (by us) to be our Gods.” The band will be streaming the EP on NH7.in for 24 hours from noon on February 1 to noon on February 2, in order to give fans a taste of what they can expect, from the band. We spoke to vocalist Arun Iyer, asking him more about the launch and what it means to the band

We haven’t played live in Bombay for a really long time because we’ve been working on the EP. This will literally be one of our first full sets in the city after a really long time so we’re really looking forward to performing on that day. We’ve been spending a lot of time to perfect our sound for the live gig. We want it to sound as close to the sound on the record and that’s really most of the stuff we’ve been putting our time into.

We’re really hoping that people will respond well to the new songs, we’ve been getting a pretty decent response from people who have heard us play a couple of songs live.

The EP will start streaming on NH7.in at noon from February 1 and will be available on the website until noon, February 2. The band will be performing at the Blue Frog, officially launching the EP, on February 3. The other bands performing at the event will be Chennai band Blind Image, who are playing in the city after a pretty long time, and Mumbai metal giants Bhayanak Maut.

The band have released a poster for the pre-release stream. Check it out below.

Click for higher-res image

Check out a trailer for the release of The Invasion below.

Photos by Akhila Shankar

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