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Entombed Metal Festival Returns to Pune

The one-day metal festival will feature bands like Dark Helm, Halahkuh, Grimmortal and Soul Society.

31 Jan, 2013


Indiecision Staff

The first edition of the Entombed Metal Festival took place in Pune on August 10, 2012 and was established with the intention of “eradicating genre discrimination and actually providing a proper platform to the young bands who are often overlooked”. The second edition of the festival will also be held in Pune on Saturday, February 9, and will feature performances by six metal bands, giving attendees a chance to experience six hours of “face-melting metal”.

The one-day concert will begin at the Hotel Elite Ambience in Wakad, Pune, from 5pm. Things will kick-off with a performance by young Pune experimental metal band Soul Society and then feature a performance by Mumbai groove metal band Therefore Play. The next band on the bill is Bhopal-based metal band Acrimony, who will be performing in Pune for the first time, followed by Mumbai/New Bombay deathcore band Grimmortal (who opened for Napalm Death in Nepal, last year). The penultimate performance of the night will also serve as the launch of Pune death metal band Halahkuh‘s upcoming debut EP Desecration. The concert will end with a performance by Pune hardcore metal band Dark Helm (pictured).

Entry to the festival will cost attendees Rs 200. The event’s organisers can be contacted through their Facebook event page, in case anyone needs more details about the festival.

Also, check out this bad-ass event poster.

Click for higher-res version

More from the Entombed Metal Festival soon. Keep watching this space for more.

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