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Raja Ram, Lucas To Tour India

The psy-trance pioneer is scheduled to hit Mumbai this weekend.

29 Jan, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Australian-born Raja Ram has been making music since the late ’60s, and after a decade-long hiatus in the mid-’70s, dove into the then-nascent genre of electronica. It’s interesting to know how far Raja Ram’s association with psychedelic music goes back. As a founder of psychedelic trance act 1200 Micrograms (with the guys from G.M.S), and one half of the critically-acclaimed live psychedelic act Shpongle (with Simon Posford aka Hallucinogen), Raja Ram is a living legend among lovers of psychedelic music. To add to his already impressive cred, Raja Ram also co-founded Tip Records in 1994, a label that came to represent the sub-genre of Goa Trance on a universal level. Tip Records still has on its roster some of the most-cherished circa-1996 household names in Goa music such as Astral Projection, Logic Bomb, Lucas and Raja Ram himself.

While Shpongle has toured India before, Raja Ram was not present for the tour. He did however play at the Blue Frog, Mumbai, in January 2012 to a highly-appreciative crowd of old-school psy scenesters. There’s been no word of either Raja Ram or Simon Posford visiting India since, so the news of Raja Ram playing shows in India will definitely ring through the ears of psychedelic music lovers far and wide.

Raja Ram’s label mate at Tip, Lucas (who also played with Raja Ram in Mumbai in 2012), will play both India dates alongside the veteran. Check out the schedule below.

Tour Dates:
February 1 - Blue Frog, Mumbai
February 2 – Blue Frog, Delhi

Check out an interview with Raja Ram and Lucas below, and after that, spin through a selection of 1200 Mics, Shpongle, and Lucas tracks while you prep.

Tickets to Raja Ram at the Blue Frog, Mumbai on February 1 will set you back Rs 800 and can be bought here. Entry to the show in Delhi will cost the same and can be bought here.

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