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Watch: ‘Jajabor: The Official Roadies X Theme Song’ – Papon

The official theme track for season 10 of MTV Roadies has been voiced by Papon, with lyrical inputs from show host Raghu Ram.

25 Jan, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Season 10 of MTV Roadies just kicked off last week, and hosts Rannvijay Singh and Raghu Ram now lead their teams to the North-East to face off in a series of tasks. This is about as good-cop bad-cop as it’ll get on alternative (no longer, actually) Indian television. In keeping with the location of the show, the producers have roped in Assamese vocalist Angaraag “Papon” Mahanta to record ‘Jajabor’, the official theme song for the show. The track is written in a combination of Assamese and Hindi, with Roadies host Raghu Ram collaborating on the Hindi lyrics. The song speaks of long journeys and the road less travelled, and begins with an Assamese folk melody, quickly seguing into the kind of cock-rock riffs you’d expect to hear on anything associated with Roadies. The video was shot on an abandoned road, and features Papon and the East India Company performing the track along with Raghu Ram, and a lot of off-road bike stunts.

Watch ‘Ja Ja Bor’ below, and download an MP3 of the song here.

Papon And The East India Company have been nominated in four categories for the JD Rock Awards 2013. Check out the rest of the nominees here and vote here.

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