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In Pictures: Masters Of Guitar @ Blue Frog, Mumbai

  • Masters Of Guitar
    The first edition of the Masters Of Guitar series of concerts took place at the Blue Frog, Mumbai on Wednesday, January 23. The concert series will feature a number of world-class guitarists collaborating with Indian artists for five editions and will culminate in a festival in New Delhi.

    The first concert in the series featured Indian Ocean guitarist Susmit Sen, along with his band The Susmit Sen Chronicles, and ex-Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden.
    Photo credit: Vivek Manek
  • The Susmit Sen Chronicles
    The Susmit Sen Chronicles were the first band to take the stage. The band features a fairly large lineup which includes Nikhil Vasudevan (The Ska Vengers) on drums, Hindustani classical singers Amit Sharma and Sudhir Rikhari on vocals, Anirban Ghosh on bass, Gyan Singh on the tabla and Rajeev Raja on flute.

    The band kicked off proceedings with the song 'Rejuvenation'.
    Photo credit: Vivek Manek
  • Rajeev Raja
    The acclaimed jazz-fusion flautist joins the band on a few songs when they're playing live. He came on stage when the band started their second song, 'City Lights', and stayed on until Bernie Marsden took over the stage completely.
    Photo credit: Vivek Manek
  • Sudhir Rikhari and Vineet Sharma
    Sudhir Rikhari joined the band on vocals and was one of the most enthusiastic and active people on stage. He was joined on stage by Vineet Sharma for the song 'Wild Epiphany'.
    Photo credit: Vivek Manek
  • Bernie and Susmit
    The British guitarist was supposed to have jammed with Susmit Sen, but was unable to do so because his flight was delayed by a couple of days. The two did jam on stage, though, and the jam featured some long improvised solos.

    It seemed like each guitarist was trying to outdo the other in terms of virtuosity and the whole process was rather entertaining to watch.
    Photo credit: Vivek Manek
  • Nikhil Vasudevan
    The Ska Vengers drummer supported both Marsden and Sen on stage, drumming away quietly, with intense precision.
    Photo credit: Vivek Manek
  • Anirban Ghosh
    Anirban Ghosh is a bassist from New Delhi who has previously played with bands like Them Clones. It seemed like the bassist preferred staying in the background, coming up to the front only when a particularly heavy bassline needed to be executed.

    Ghosh was also the only other person (apart from Nikhil Vasudevan) who stayed on stage throughout the concert, supporting Bernie Marsden.
    Photo credit: Vivek Manek
  • 'Pick It Up'
    Bernie Marsden took over the stage after his jam with Susmit Sen and went on to play some bluesy numbers like 'Pick It Up'.

    The Mumbai venue was pretty empty by the time Marsden took the stage, with only a few hardcore Whitesnake fans calling out for classic Whitesnake songs. The concert was definitely not one of the best we've seen in a while, but will hopefully turn out better in future editions.
    Photo credit: Vivek Manek


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