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Help Indian Artists Play the Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013

A bunch of Indian indie bands are trying to win a slot at the Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013 at the Madison Square Garden. Here’s how you can help them out.

25 Jan, 2013


Indiecision Staff

The Crossroads Guitar Festival is now in its fourth edition and will be taking place at the Madison Square Gardens in New York from April 12 to April 13. The festival has been around since 2004, taking place every three years and has previously featured artists like Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Zakir Hussain, JJ Cale, BB King, Pat Metheny, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy and many others. This year, the festival will allow one band to play on the same stage as Jeff Beck, Robert Randolph (who will also be playing at the Mahindra Blues Festival), Taj Mahal and, of course, Eric Clapton. Check out the full lineup here.

Play Crossroads is a competition that has been sponsored by Ernie Ball, the guitar accessories and strings company. The contest’s rules are simple – you log on to the Play Crossroads website, you register on to the website as an artist, you complete an informational profile, you upload an MP3 (at least one) and then direct people to your profile. There is a system that is being used by the Ernie Ball people, called a Buzz Rating, which will find out how popular they are and one out of the top 100 artists will be chosen by a panel of judges to play at the festival. The contest will be judged by Blues Saraceno, Paul Gilbert, Peter Stroud and Audley Freed (read more about them here). Fans of bands can also leave a ‘vote’ on their favourite band’s page in order to show more love. The support will probably help them gain a higher buzz and move to the next round.

The ‘voting’ is open until March 8 and the winner of the competition will be announced on March 15. A lot of Indian bands have decided to take part in the competition, hence we decided to give you a complete list and have also decided to link you to their pages. Show your support and maybe one of them will be able to play Madison Square Garden at the Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013.

Check out the list below.
Adil & Vasundhara (pictured inside)
Chandresh Kudwa
Baiju Dharmajan
Soulmate (pictured outside)
Still Waters
Black Letters
Stereo Buddha
Bull Engine
Sky Rabbit
Adi Suhail Tarun
Jeepers Creepers
The Vravi Guitar Fusion Project
Alisha Batth
Indigo Children
Barefaced Liar
Smoking Chutney
Rishi Grover
Sunil Bhatia

Here’s a cool video of Bill Murray from the 2007 edition of the Crossroads Guitar Festival that you can watch while you wait for the results.

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