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Five at 5 – Vol. 13

Hey! You! It’s the last Five at 5 for the week. Tune in.

25 Jan, 2013

Adwait Patil

Contributing Writer

The Indiecision Five at 5 is our attempt at sharing our musical tastes with you, and showcasing music from around the world. Each day at 5pm sharp, one NH7 writer or staffer will bring you five songs he/she is listening to on the day. This Friday, NH7 oldtimer Adwait Patil takes over and lets you in. Don’t be scared. It’s just music.

1. Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory – ‘Photon’
Pantha Du Prince is Hendrik Weber, a German electronic music producer. The Bell Laboratory is a six member Norwegian collective. Weber released his fourth record in collaboration with the Bell Laboratory and the result, an album featuring a minimal electronic soundscape filled with xlyophones, marimbas, cymbals, chimes and a bell carillon, which is basically a three-ton instrument containing 50 bronze bells. With Photon, Weber creates a track in which, he seamlessly blends the clean sounds of The Bell Laboratory in a blanket of minimal electronic music.

2. Tame Impala – ‘Beverly Laurel’
Tame Impala are one of my favourite bands. Lonerism, the band’s second record, was released in 2012. ‘Beverly Laurel’ is an extra track, only available on the deluxe edition of the record on 7″ vinyl. A solo composition of Kevin Parker, it’s like he hit the pop button while recording this one. The track features Parker’s signature “spacey” vocals and a groovy drum beat backing it throughout.

3. Michal Menert & Break Science – ‘Throwback’
Those who saw Michal Menert perform at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune should enjoy this song. Menert teamed up with Brooklyn electronic duo Break Science to deliver an EP called Twilight Frequency. Both Break Science and Menert belong to the Pretty Lights Music Label. Throwback isn’t exactly a shift in genre for any of the producers, it’s a combination wherein both artists have stuck to their forte and created an extension of their individual music together.

4. Sickflip – ‘Tricky Trap’
The track is off Sickflip’s EP Outburst. Sarvesh Shrivastava, who also is a member of Mental Martians, released his solo EP sometime towards the end of 2012. ‘Tricky Trap’ has got the right amount of dubstep and glitch influence.

    5. Gguumm – ‘Delorean Highway’
    Gguumm is Jay ‘Gumby’ Watson, a member of Tame Impala and Pond. Watson can play the guitar, drum and sing. ‘Delorean Highway’ starts with lingering synth sounds for two minutes after which Watson launches in to a guitar heavy spiral before ending the song with what I think is some kind of bell. He’s planning to release his solo record sometime this year.

    Check out previous editions of Five at 5 here, and stay tuned for more picks from NH7, Monday through Friday.

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