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The NH7 Media Capsule: Vol. 1, Iss. 04

Today’s Media Capsule features two lawyers who are also musicians, and who will be performing live for the first time ever this weekend.

24 Jan, 2013


Indiecision Staff

We’re not the only people who cover the Indian music scene, you know. The Media Capsule is a roundup of some of the stories about Indian music being covered in the press.

Just Beat It!
Pune Mirror, January 24
The two-day Indian classical music festival Taalchakra will take place in Pune, from Thursday, January 24. Find out more about it.

Very few in India understand fusion music: Salil Bhatt
Times Of India, January 23
“Fusion music is about two different musically diversified genres coming together. To create that one has to know the finer nuances of one’s own music.” Veena player Salil Bhatt and percussionist Fazal Qureshi talk about how not too many people in India truly understand fusion.

Swearing By Music
The Hindu, January 23
Lawyers Latha Anand and Neema T.V. are passionate about music and will be performing live with their band for the first time at the Kerala Fine Arts Hall on January 26.

Jaipur Lit Fest gets the ball rolling with ‘Global Shakespeare’
The Hindu, January 24
The Jaipur Literature Festival kicked-off proceedings with a discussion on Shakespeare and the global nature of his works.

That’s all from the news today. Check out previous issues of the Media Capsule here.

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