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In Pictures: Something Relevant @ Cheval, Mumbai

  • Something Relevant
    The Mumbai jam band played a fun set last night at Cheval, a trendy new watering hole in Kala Ghoda, as part of 'The Chevalier Sessions' which will take place regularly at the venue.
  • Cheval
    Cheval is less a gig venue and more an eatery/bar with a performance space, so the sound wasn't ideal. Something Relevant recently came out with their second album, We Could Be Dreaming, and their set at Cheval included several tracks off the release.
  • We Could Be Dreaming
    The album itself is well thought out, and features each bandmember on vocals at some point or the other. The official launch of We Could Be Dreaming was supposed to take place at the #AllTheRage edition of Live From The Console but that event got postponed with a different lineup. The official album launch is scheduled to take place sometime next month.
  • "It sucks when men get dumped, it's actually worse than when women get dumped"
    The album includes songs about men being dumped, internet dependency, and how everyone needs to dance.
  • Stuart DaCosta
    The bassist/vocalist bantered with the crowd between tracks, beginning with a facepalm-worthy pun.
    "So I know this guy and it's really sad, he lost his left arm and his left leg. It's quite sad, he lost an arm and a leg, but he's all right now." #badabumtiss
  • JJ
    Jehangir Jehangir stays behind the drumkit and occasionally makes faces at the crowd.
  • Back to school
    The band collectively attended the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music in 2011, and their learnings show on the new album as well as their live sets. Check out an earlier interview with D'Costa about the album here
  • You could be watching.
    Check out a whole bunch of videos featuring tracks from We Could Be Dreaming here
  • 'Move Yourself'
    "You can dance in Bombay, you can dance in Delhi, but... you can't dance in Bangalore," go the lyrics. Meanwhile, an audience member grooves around the floor and then collapses into embarassed giggles.
  • Just have fun, y'know?
    The band had a blast on stage, doing little jigs and chatting with each other between songs. About an hour into the set, the crowd was dancing (or foot-shuffling) away.
  • "I see you drivin' round town with that girl I love..."
    The band also had some fun on stage with a cover of Cee-Lo Green's 'Fuck You', with percussionist Aalok Padhye on vocals, and a cover of 'Valerie'.
  • With a little help from the friends
    Every single bandmember lent their voice to at least one track. STR drummer Jehangir Jehangir needed a little help with amplification.


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