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Manta Ray Comics Release Mixtape 1

A four-story anthology from the independent publishing house, priced at just Rs 55, is now up for digital download.

22 Jan, 2013

Mohini Mukherjee

Mary McDoodle

Manta Ray Comics has released a collection of four short comics. The anthology, comprising of four stories of four different genres, and collectively being dubbed Mixtape 1, is available for Rs 55 via digital download.

The indie comic publisher started off initially by self-publishing founder Pratheek Thomas’ brother Vivek Thomas’ comic Hush. The book had absolutely no dialogue, and throughout its plot, the protagonist, a molestation victim, comes to terms with her trauma in a violently different way. Following Hush, Pratheek and comic artist Jasjyot Singh Hans are also midway through publishing Twelve, a dozen mini-comics created by eight different artists (read NH7′s interview with the publishers here). Manta Ray also regularly publishes a comic strip, The Small Picture, in Live Mint every Wednesday. Check out the archives here.

We spoke to Prateek Thomas of Manta Ray about Mixtape 1

Mixtape is a project we’d envisioned at the start of Manta Ray, four years ago. We’re seeing it as a platform where new, upcoming, and established storytellers can come together to tell short comic stories (three to eight pages a length). The core philosophy – if one may call it that – behind Mixtape is that all the creators are contributing their stories, art, time, talent, and effort pro bono – for no pay. And the revenues from the sales of the digital book  goes back to the creators – all of it. Manta Ray doesn’t have a stake in these revenues. Equally important, is that the comic is available in DRM-free formats like .pdf and .cbz, so the reader owns the book, and is not tied to any app or reader-service to access it. What this also means is that readers can easily share the comic with their friends, by simply attaching to their mails even, but that’s okay. Ultimately, we love comics, and we want to explore and experiment with ways in which we can make comics more accessible to readers, and widen their reach.

Mixtape 1 follows much the traditional anthology format in comic form, each story having been done by different writers and illustrators. The book features some stunningly produced art but the storytelling suffers a few hiccups. Download the collection here, and check out the cover art and some of the beautifully illustrated pages from the anthology, below.


1_Silver Spider_0

2_silver spider_1

3_Rather Lovely Thing_0

4_Rather Lovely Thing_1



7_my beloved_0

8_my beloved_1



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