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Watch: ‘Stay’ – Siddharth Basrur

Siddharth Basrur is a very talented vocalist, but a careless and mean driver, as proved by his new music video.

21 Jan, 2013

Mohini Mukherjee

Mary McDoodle

Siddharth Basrur’s solo album Chasing Rain, due for release this February, now has a video up to accompany one of the tracks. ‘Stay’ is a romantic ballad, very much in the vein of the rest of the songs from Chasing Rain. Basrur is a vocalist of prodigious talent, having fronted three different bands with very different sounds – Bones For Bertie, Kinky Ski Munky, and Goddess Gagged. Watch him talk about his solo project to NH7, here, and read a review of his first outing here.

The video for ‘Stay’ features a girl who is supremely disinterested in her surroundings. While other people may object to strange men air-drumming on their pot while they brush, this video’s protagonist is just too punk to care. She goes about her day looking thoroughly sullen.

Eventually she steps into her car, driven by Basrur himself (the Stan Lee of music videos). During her ride, Basrur almost runs over a man, but Punk Girl doesn’t react because  she is distracted by her inner turmoil/has no concept of the value of human life. Ayan De comes begging to her window, but Basrur shoves him away rudely, which might have been the last literal and metaphorical push that finally sent him over the edge and caused him to turn into The Saddest Boy.

Punk Girl arrives at a gathering of friends, but none of them are hipster enough for her so she sits and sulks. A few boys try to hit on her, but she walks away in a manner that some might say is mysterious, but what others might dub ‘snotty’.

Suddenly, she sees something from the balcony that makes her face light up. Considering her terrible behaviour throughout the video, one assumes its a pile-up or a mugging that has finally elicited all this emotion from her, but turns out, its only Arman Menzies, Goddess Gagged’s guitarist. She smiles and sits on a swing with him, and the video ends with the implication that he is the only person who makes her happy, because, dreads.

We spoke to Siddharth Basrur who explained the video and its concept to us

With this video we just experimented with what we could do. We had no budget, literally zero money. A friend of mine, Ashlesha, and I were talking about what we could do and we just came up with this. In the video, the guy is asking her to stay, and throughout the song she’s basically thinking about it all day. So that’s what the video is. I don’t know how many people got it. Even before the video, people wouldn’t get what the song was about. But as long as the song made people smile and gave them some entertainment, all’s good.

Watch the video for ‘Stay’ below, and stream more of his solo material from his Soundcloud.

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