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The NH7 Media Capsule: Vol. 1, Iss. 01

Welcome to the first edition of NH7.in’s Media Capsule.

21 Jan, 2013


Indiecision Staff

We’re not the only people who cover the Indian music scene, you know. The Media Capsule is a roundup of some of the stories about Indian music being covered in the press.

Different Strokes
Pune Mirror, Monday, January 21
Shaa’ir + Func front woman Monica Dogra (pictured outside) spoke to the Pune Mirror “about her journey from choir to rock, her upcoming movies and the bright future of indie music.”

Nagaland Musicians Break Electric Guitar Ensemble Record
The Hindu, New Delhi Edition, January 20
As many as 368 electric guitarists from the North East played together in Nagaland this past week in an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records about which we had reported earlier.

Shankar Mahadevan: “It’s the best time to be a musician”
The Hindustan Times, Mumbai Edition, January 21
Shankar Mahadevan speaks about his plans for the year, his impressions about the independent music scene, and his upcoming collaboration with Indian Ocean at the Storm Festival in Coorg.

Navi Mumbai’s Music Festival
The Hindustan Times, Mumbai Edition, January 18
Were you curious about the Salt Water Creek Festival and how it was organised? Here’s a short story about the details.

Music Festivals and Fashion
The Hindustan Times, Mumbai Edition, January 17
We love generic trend pieces about the scene (*not*). This one about what people wear at music festivals is as generic as it gets.

That’s all from the news today. Tune in tomorrow for your dose of the Media Capsule.

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