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In Pictures and Quotes: David Live @ Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai

  • David Music Launch
    David is writer-director Bejoy Nambiar's second film. The film's music was launched at an event called David Live at the Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai.

    The event showcased all the music featured in the movie and saw most artists who had performed the songs perform at the event. Read on to find out more about the music from the film.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • 'Tere Mere Pyaar Ki'
    The first performance of the evening saw Shweta Pandit and Siddharth Basrur performing 'Tere Mere Pyaar Ki'. The original song features Naresh Iyer instead of Basrur.

    The song is a generic love song that features some interesting production and instrumentation.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Modern Mafia
    The second performance of the evening was Mumbai alt-rock quartet Modern Mafia. The band will also appear in the film for a few scenes as a band.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • 'Bandhey'
    The band's song 'Arnie' was recorded again as 'Bandhey' for the film, with lyrics supplied by Ankur Tewari. We spoke to Bejoy Nambiar, asking him how and why he chose to use the song.

    "When I write a film, I keep thinking of music I can use for the scenes I am writing. It's the same when I am shooting. The decision to use the Modern Mafia came much earlier, when we were writing and shooting the film."

    When asked why he chose to re-record the song in Hindi - "I thought it would connect with a wider audience. There was really nothing else to it."
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • 'Yun Hi Rey'
    'Yun Hi Rey' features Aniruddh Ravichander (who composed 'Why This Kolaveri Di?' last year) and Shweta Pandit. The song features some intense string arrangements.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Maati Baani
    Maati Baani are a world music band who have performed a song called 'Tore Matwaare Naina' for the film. The song is an efficient mix of Indian classical vocals and funk rock, with some French spoken-sung-word poetry thrown in. The version performed at the music launch did not feature any French vocals but was still pretty catchy.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Lucky Ali
    The reclusive singer has contributed to the soundtrack of David by lending vocals to the song 'Ya Hussain'.

    Pictured: Nambiar thanks Ali before his performance on stage.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • 'Ya Hussain'
    Ali performed the track with two other vocalists and with an accompanying minus-one track that featured pre-recorded vocals as well. The lip-synced performance did not go down too well with a lot of people at the launch.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Mikey McCleary
    Songwriter-composer Mikey McCleary has also contributed to David's soundtrack with two songs that have two alternate versions, bringing the tally to four. The first is his version of 'Laal Meri Path', with vocals by Rekha Bharadwaj, which has clearly been one of the biggest fan favourites, along with a rock remix of the same track, which is more electronica than rock.

    The second features Nikhil D'Souza and Priti Pillai on one version of 'Out Of Control', while the alternate version features a choir.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Dama Dam Mast Kalandar
    Shweta Pandit performed a medley of both versions of 'Laal Meri Patth' on the Hard Rock Cafe stage, prompting the entire cast and crew to come on stage and dance with her. Leading the brigade was Shaa'ir+Func frontwoman and actress Monica Dogra.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • 'Out Of Control'
    McCleary returned on stage again to perform another medley of the song 'Out Of Control' with vocalists Nikhil D'Souza and Priti Pillai taking the stage...
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • "CHORUS!"
    ...along with a choir that stood on the staircase that leads up to the HRC #fail stage.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • The Lightyears Explode
    The next-to-penultimate performance of the night featured Mumbai punk trio The Lightyears Explode performing their song 'Kunj Gutka' from their upcoming album.

    The song has been re-titled for the film and is now called 'Three Kills'.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • 'Three Kills'
    The trio definitely gave one of the most enthusiastic performances on stage and were pretty happy after the performance. "It was sounding pretty good. It's pretty sad that we got to play only one song when we were sounding so good on stage", said vocalist Saurabh Roy after his performance.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • 'Ghum Huye'
    'Ghum Huye' is David's theme song and has been composed by electronica duo Bramfatura. The song features Siddharth Basrur on vocals.

    We asked Nambiar about how he came to choose the song for his film - "I heard the song after we had finished shooting. The song came in one of the later stages. I heard Bramfatura and I thought that this song will really fit in with the movie so we added the song to the soundtrack.

    "The process of collecting music for the film was constant and we consciously tried to keep the music different from what you would normally find in films. It's been something we had decided when we were making Shaitaan and I really want to keep continuing to do it."
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Remo Fernandes
    The Goan singer and composer also features on the soundtrack with two compositions, 'Light House Symphony' and 'Maria Pitache'. He performed both tracks at the launch, first scatting to 'Light House Symphony' for more than a few minutes...
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • 'Maria Pitache'
    ... and then moving on to his version of 'Maria Pitache', providing only the vocals to the song.

    The music of David is not terribly unique when heard without any visual context, but it is probable that in the film itself it may prove to be more effective than just a live show featuring extremely different tracks, with clashing styles, strung together into a single album.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai


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