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Five at 5 – Vol. 9

That time of the day again. First Five at 5 for the week. Grab your cans, have a listen.

21 Jan, 2013

Abhimanyu Meer


The Indiecision Five at 5 is our attempt at sharing our musical tastes with you, and showcasing music from around the world. Each day at 5pm sharp, one NH7 writer or staffer will bring you five songs he/she is listening to on the day. Today, NH7 sub-editor Abhimanyu Meer takes you to the dark side. Tune in, drop dead or something.

1. Teknian – ‘Behemoth’
Sometimes I prefer my bass music rather sinister, and I guess this a good example of a recent track that fits that tag. Teknian’s ‘Behemoth’ is best listened to behind closed doors while you’re plotting an assault against society. Weapon of choice  – a blunt knife.

2. Underworld – Rez (Bassnectar Remix)
From the wound-up snare shots, to the bouncy rhythm, to the stomach-churning bass, everything about this remix is signature Bassnectar. Turn your cans up before you play this. Way up.

3. Telepathe – ‘Destroyer’ (Remix)
Trent Reznor and his extended family of wizards (Atticus Ross + Alessandro Cortini) took Telepathe’s ‘Destroyer’ and made it dark, atmospheric, and epic. I can’t wait for them to apply their collective talent more often in reinventing pop music for listening to in halfway houses.

4. The Delay In The Universal Loop – ‘Astrophobia’
TDITUL is the brainchild a 17-year-old Italian boy named Dylan. This is what I consider the future of electronic music. If you like this jam, I’d recommend you buy the album off his bandcamp. Worth every penny, and then some more.

5. Sonic Death Rabbit – ‘Megathon’
Baseck and Sonic Death Rabbit are modern-day geniuses; real bedroom musical scientists forcing 8-bit sounds, homemade synths and vinyl scratching to have sex with each other. This song isn’t new, but it feels pretty timeless four-years-on. Not for the faint-hearted.

Check out previous editions of Five at 5 here, and stay tuned for more picks from NH7, Monday through Friday.

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