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In Pictures: Dualist Inquiry, Shaa’ir + Func @ Indo-German Urban Mela, Pune

  • Dualist Inquiry
    The Indo-German Urban Mela, Pune, saw a well-attended performance by Delhi producer Dualist Inquiry and Mumbai electro-rock act Shaa'ir+Func, on January 17.
    Photo credit: Shantnu Arya
  • New Stuff
    Bakshi has been performing newer material in his sets of late, and has also been experimenting with audiovisuals. He's scheduled to play at the India Bike Week in Goa on February 1 and 2, check out a full lineup here.
    Photo credit: Shantnu Arya
  • Where he goes, they will go.
    We always find quite a few giggling girls at a Dualist Inquiry gig, and this one was no exception. Want to know what's on his current playlist? Check out the Dualist edition of Five at 5.
    Photo credit: Shantnu Arya
  • Shaa'ir + Func
    Shaa'ir + Func played their first gig of the year at the Mela to a sizeable crowd. The band are currently planning their next studio album.
    Photo credit: Shantnu Arya
  • More at the Mela
    The Mela has also featured workshops (including one by German musician Rico Loop), theatre performances (check out a photo gallery from a GRIPS theatre production) and other gigs, including performances by Agnee and The Raghu Dixit Project.
    Photo credit: Shantnu Arya
  • She Dances.
    Frontwoman Monica Dogra is known for her immense stage presence and antics which include some stellar hair-flips and dance moves, making an S+F performance a delight to watch.
    Photo credit: Shantnu Arya
  • Func
    Randolph Correia also plays guitar for Pentagram. Check out a video from Pentagram's set at Live From The Console, #AllTheRage edition, here.
    Photo credit: Shantnu Arya
  • P-Man
    If you look closely, you'll see stickers for at least two of Rohit Pereira's other projects on that heavily-adorned bass guitar. Shaa'ir + Func are scheduled to perform tonight at the Nokia India Fest, Goa.
    Photo credit: Shantnu Arya
  • "Big Love"
    This also happened. Heart-hands all around!! The Indo-German Urban Mela goes on till Sunday, January 20.

    This post is presented by our friends at the Indo-German Urban Mela. Keep up with all the action at the Mela by following the official Twitter and Facebook accounts.
    Photo credit: Shantnu Arya


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