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Preview: Saarang 2013 at IIT-Madras

From British metallers Anathema to Bollywood biggies Shankar Ehsaan Loy, IIT Madras will see a host of musical and cultural performances this weekend. Here’s all you need to know.

10 Jan, 2013


Indiecision Staff

College cultural festivals get bigger every year. Mood-Indigo, IIT-Bombay’s annual cultural festival, in its latest edition, saw performances by Simple Plan, Karsh Kale Collectiv, Paradigm Shift, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and a number of other international performers (details here, photos here). Most other college festivals who can gather enough money from willing sponsors are following the same method and IIT-Madras’ Saarang 2013 is no exception. The festival will be the first big college event of the year and will see a host of interesting performances that include British progressive metal and rock act Anathema (pictured) alongside performers like Dualist Inquiry, Parikrama and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Apart from these musical performances, the festival will also see stand-up comedy by performance group Evam, theatrical performances by WeMove from Bangalore, film festivals and dance competitions and performances (more details here). We’ve compiled a list of everything interesting that you should probably catch at the festival.

Music @ Saarang 2013
There will be a lot of diversity in the music on offer at IIT-Madras. Here’s a short breakdown of each night.

Sunburn Campus – January 10
The Sunburn Campus will basically feature two DJs playing EDM to the college crowd. The night will feature performances by New Delhi producer and guitarist Dualist Inquiry and DJ (S)haan. DJ (S)haan is apparently one of the youngest DJs in Asia and has been playing since the age of 13. The young producer creates up-tempo electronic music that can be categorized as progressive techno and house. The DJ has won many accolades and has played at Sunburn Goa. He also opened for Avicii on the Sunburn Pre-Party Tour.

Dualist Inquiry is known to most Indian indie and dance music fans in the country due to his meticulously constructed soundscapes. Recently, fans have been complaining that his material has been repetitive, taking away from the quality of the live set, but the producer recently announced his first album and might end up playing material from it.

Watch Dualist Inquiry play his song ‘Qualia’ at Live From The Console below.

NxG Night – January 11
The NxG Night will feature a headlining performance by New Delhi rock veterans Parikrama. The night also features a number of other bands who will be performing before them. The doors to the event will open at 4.30pm and entry to the event will be free. Parikrama have been playing a host of very enthusiastic live shows across the country all through 2012 and will mostly do the same at the festival as well.

Anathema – January 12
British progressive metal and rock band Anathema will headline the third day at Saarang 2013. The doom metal pioneers are one of Britain’s most highly regarded metal acts. The band have dabbled in various styles of music and their latest album Weather Systems saw them take up a more melodic, progressive approach, almost abandoning their previous metal stylings. The band will also be supported on stage by the three other bands – Kochi progressive metal band Heretic, Chennai rock band The Family Cheese and Bangalore stoner-doom band Bevar Sea. The show will kick off at 6pm with Heretic taking the stage, followed by The Family Cheese and then Bevar Sea. Anathema will be the final band of the night and will apparently play new material mixed with some of their older doom metal material, satisfying the metalheads along with everyone else.

Tickets to the show will cost between Rs 400 and Rs 1,000. Get them here.

Watch a full-length video of Anathema playing live at the Manchester Academy in 2011 below.

Popular Night – January 13
The final night at the festival will feature a performance by Bollywood music composer trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. The three musicians have composed critically acclaimed music for films like Dil Chahta Hai, Luck By Chance, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna , Rock On and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara among others. Their music is extremely popular and well-received all over the country which will probably make their show one of the most attended at the festival. Expect a set that will see them cover some of their biggest hits. The show will kick off at 6pm on January 13 and tickets will cost between Rs 600 to Rs 1,500. Get them here.

This completes the list of musical Proshows that are taking place at the festival. The festival will also see a number of other musicians performing as part of their World Fest lineup. Here’s more about them.

White Shoes and The Couples Company
White Shoes and The Couples Company are an Indonesian jazz pop band that play music inspired by disco and jazz from the 1970s. The band will be playing on January 13 at 6pm. The band have been around for at least seven years and sing primarily in Indonesian. Their performance might be interesting and will definitely provide listeners with a look into Indonesian music culture from the past and present. The band will be playing at the Carnival Stage at the festival.

Watch White Shoes And The Couples Company perform live in Hong Kong below.

Malaysian band Bittersweet have a Britpop inspired sound that they mix with Malaysian lyrics to create a sound that appeals to listeners of all nationalities. The band will be playing on January 10 at 4pm. Bittersweet have been around for almost a decade and have played at various festivals in and around Malaysia. The band have released two albums since inception, and will probably end up playing material from both. The band will perform at the Student Activity Centre in IIT-Madras.

Jay Hoad
Jay Hoad is a Fiji-born Australian singer-songwriter who plays what Triple J radio describe as “a very funky and high-energy performance that sees Jay sitting in a cockpit of instruments including didgeridoos, weissenborn lap steel, dulcimer, guitar, harmonica, ocarina, percussion, loops, djembe, voice and then some.” The performer has previously toured with Bob Marley’s backing band The Wailers and has released two albums. The performance will probably be one of the most interesting live experiences at the festival an will be taking place on January 13 at 4pm at the Student Activity Centre.

Watch a video of Jay Hoad playing his song ‘Strawberries, Pancakes and Angels’ live below.

Carola Grey
Carola Grey is a German drummer and jazz music composer who has won various accolades in her home country. Grey started playing the drums when she was 11 years old and has since then collaborated with a number of Indian and western musicians. Her Indian collaborators include classical Carnatic musicians like Guruji T.V. Gopalkrishnan, Vaidyanathan Suresh, Rajhesh Vaidyha, Sriram Parthasarathy and also recorded for the famous Bollywood producer Bappi Lahiri. Grey will be performing at the Student Activity Centre on January 13 from 4pm onwards.

Gabriel Wizard
Gabriel Wizard is a Brazilian born DJ and producer who fuses varied styles of music to create a uniquely palatable style of pop music. The DJ has previously toured with hip-hop musicians like 50 Cent and Fat Joe. Wizard is currently on a tour of Asia and will be kicking it off with this show at Saarang 2013. According to the organisers, Gabriel Wizard will be playing at the Carnival stage from 10am onwards on January 13.

Robert – James - Daoiri
Robert Harvey, James Harvey and Daoiri Farrell are a trio of Irish musicians who get together and play music. The three musicians play individually in separate projects and together, they explore the roots of Irish folk music. Robert Harvey is a flautist who plays with Irish music group Ciorras, James Harvey is a banjo player who also plays with various other Irish groups such as Goitse. The group features Daoiri Farrell on vocals to create a great Irish folk experience. The Irish Trio will be performing on January 12 at 4pm at the Student Activity Centre.

That’s all for everything that’s happening at Saarang 2013. More from them as the festival progresses. Until then watch this kvlt promo for IIT-Madras’ Saarang 2013 below.

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