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In Pictures: Mood Indigo @ IIT, Bombay

  • Mood Indigo
    The annual inter-collegiate festival of IIT Bombay took place between December 20 and 23, 2012, thus thwarting the scheduled Mayan apocalypse. The festival, touted as Asia's largest college festival, is one of the most prestigious in the country. The 2012 edition of the festival was themed 'The Tribal Tryst', and most events at the festival, such as the fashion show (pictured) centered around this theme.
  • The latest trends in ghost fashion...
    ...were also showcased on the ramp.
  • The Karsh Kale Collectiv
    Day two at the festival saw performances by Mumbai prog-rock act Paradigm Shift and the Karsh Kale Collectiv. The extended stage at IIT Bombay was an asset to the Collectiv, as it ensured that the group came together as a whole. The Collectiv played their first club gig at Blue Frog, Mumbai, in October, and that gig didn't go quite as well as expected (pictures). However, the group played a stellar set at the college event, drawing the largest crowd at the Proshows.
  • Guests
    The Collectiv's set comprised largely of tracks composed for their episode on season 2 of Coke Studio @ MTV, including 'Glorious' and 'Peekaboo'. Bollywood producer Salim Merchant also featured on a medley of 'Kajar Bin Kare' and the 007 Skyfall theme.
  • Kale's 2012
    The multi-instrumentalist has had a great last year, with an album (buy it here) promotion tour, and many performances with the Collectiv. Read more about his 2012 here.
  • Falling
    The crowd was tremendously excited about the set. The Skyfall medley has been described as "goosebump-inducing" by several audience members. Watch it here
  • Thermal And A Quarter
    Day three at the festival saw the Bangalore rockers play a groovy opening set for International Night. Thermal And A Quarter played songs off their new album 3 Wheels, 9 Lives, which released in September 2012 (pictures).
  • Simple Plan
    The Canadian punk-rock band elicited a humongous response from the crowd, performing popular tracks that spanned their discography.
  • Sébastien Lefebvre
    Simple Plan's French guitarist has also released an acoustic EP titled You Are Here/Vous Etes Ici, which is a departure from Simple Plan's pop-punk sound.
  • Hello, ladies
    The punk-rockers set was especially popular with the female section of the audience. "I was being pushed around by several frenzied, screaming women in the arena." - an audience member.
  • Chuck Comeau
    The Simple Plan drummer also writes most of the lyrics and scripts the concepts to the band's music videos.
  • Jumpin'
    The band's energetic performance made sure the audience was bouncing the whole time. Check out a fan video of the band's performance of 'Jump' at the festival here
  • Setlist
    'Shut Up'
    'Can't Keep My Hands Off You'
    'Jump' (with a snippet of Black Eyed Peas' 'I Gotta Feeling')
    'When I'm Gone'
    'You Suck At Love'
    'Thank You'
    'Your Love Is A Lie'
    Medley : 'Moves Like Jagger'/'Dynamite'/'I'm Sexy And I Know It'
    'Jet Lag'
    'Summer Paradise'
    'This Song Saved My Life'
    'Welcome To My Life'
    'I'd Do Anything'
    'Loser Of The Year'
    'I'm Just A Kid'
  • Mantra
    Popular Nite was the final event on the Mood Indigo schedule on Day four. Before that, however, the stage was set for Mantra, a Hindi rock band competition.
  • Popular Nite
    The final day of the festival was closed by the Popular Nite event, headlined by Bollywood producer duo Salim-Suleiman.
  • Salim Merchant
    The duo's ninety minute long set saw them perform their popular hits, including 'Halkat Jawani', 'Aashayein' and 'Aadat Se Majboor'.
  • Thank You, Come Again!
    The Popular Nite is the best-loved event at the festival, as audience members connect deeply with the performing artists. Mood Indigo 2012 saw a higher number of footfalls than ever before, many more Mumbai colleges participating, and a higher attendance at the music events. Popular Nite ended the annual festival on a blissful note. Cheers to MoodI and IIT, we'll be back next year!
  • Lost And Found
    Arjun Rampal, whom we'd earlier thought to be lost (geddit?), made an appearance at the event to promote his upcoming film 'Inkaar'.


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