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In Pictures: Indian Metal Festival @ Manpho Convention Grounds, Bangalore

  • Fanboi Mode: On
    The Indian Metal Festival took place at Manpho Convention Grounds, Bangalore, on December 15. French metal act Gojira headlined the event. UK acts Flayed Disciple, Xerath and Bloodshot Dawn were also on the bill.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • More Fanboi-ing
    Due to an organisational glitch, the start time of the festival was delayed by four hours, at very short notice. This led to the cancellation of scheduled performances by Chennai act Escher's Knot and Guwahati death metal act Agnostic. Mumbai group Gutslit and Eccentric Pendulum were the only Indian acts to perform.

    Meanwhile, members of all the international acts performing at the festival were mobbed for photographs, and they happily complied. Pictured: Xerath vocalist Richard Thomson chillin' like a villain with grinning fans.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • Arun Natarajan
    While Eccentric Pendulum were promised an hour-long slot, they had to settle for a hurried 20 minutes due to the delay as well as sound issues. Both Gutslit and Eccentric Pendulum played competent sets, despite the reduced playing time and multiple sound issues at the venue.
    Pictured: bassist Arun Natarajan
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • Flayed Disciple
    Luckily, all sound issues were resolved by the time English thrash metal act Flayed Disciple took the stage, to humongous applause from the crowd.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • Jon Whitfield
    The band comprises Tim Whyte on vocals, Thurston Howe on guitars, Jon Whitfield (pictured, on guitars), Paul Williams on bass and Phil Tolfree on drums. Their excellent stage presence got the crowd in the mood for the rest of the night.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • The ubiquitous horns
    Flayed Disciple's cover of Slayer's 'Angel Of Death' was greatly appreciated by the crowd.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • Bloodshot Dawn
    Melodic death metal band Bloodshot Dawn were up next. Fans in the crowd clamoured for their favourite tracks including 'Vision' and 'Godless'.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • Where No Metal Festival Has Gone Before...
    The steadily growing crowd was impressed by the band's tight set. Bloodshot Dawn also played the Kohima Metal Fest in December. The event was Nagaland's first ever metal festival.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • "Open Up The Pits!"
    ...is what Xerath vocalist Richard Thomson seems to be saying. For the pits did indeed open, several times. Xerath were the most anticipated of the UK lot, and they did not disappoint.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • Long hair makes for epic headbanging
    Fans chanted along to most of the tracks played by the band. Pictured: bassist Christopher Clark, mid hair-flip.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • Meanwhile...
    While the stage emptied out to set up for Gojira's set, a lot of this happened.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • Gojira
    The French act took the stage and launched directly into 'Explosia' off their 2012 album L'Enfant Sauvage.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • L'Enfant Sauvage
    The band went on to play a tight set, moving from one track to the next with practiced ease. Check out a fan video of their performance of 'L'Enfant Sauvage' at the festival, here
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • In Memory
    Frontman Joe Duplantier dedicated 'Wisdom Comes' to the late Pt Ravi Shankar, who passed away just a few days before the gig took place.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • Double Roles
    Midway through the set, the Duplantier brothers exchanged instruments for a short jam, with Mario swapping his instruments for his brothers guitar after repeated chants from the crowd.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • Setlist
    'Flying Whales'
    'The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe'
    'L'Enfant Sauvage'
    'Toxic Garbage Island'
    'Wisdom Comes'
    'The Axe'

    'The Gift Of Guilt'
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas
  • Solos
    Mario Duplantier's extended drum solo had the crowd falling silent to listen to every beat and crash.
    Photo credit: Francis Mascarenhas


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