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NH7 Presents: Under The Christmas Tree 2012

Because we’re stoked about the holiday season, we’re spreading a little extra Christmas cheer.

25 Dec, 2012


Indiecision Staff

Here at NH7, we’re pretty stoked about the holiday season, and we hope you are too. 2012 saw almost one hundred Indian indie releases, tons of gigs and festivals, and countless happy people. We decided to add to that, and since we’re kinda known for bringing the happiness to places, this year, we’ve brought you something really special under the Christmas tree. We got together with some of our favourite Indian indie artists to bust out some free, unreleased indie songs, wallpapers, and even a calendar for what should be a great 2013. Did we mention free?

Go under the NH7 Christmas tree and pick up your free holiday swag!

NH7′s going to be on a short break till January 2013 (we might even attend a music festival we don’t work at), and over the next few days our service will be limited. We will be bringing you all our year-end specials soon however (yup, some big surprises in our best of lists) so stay tuned for that!

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