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The Jack & Jones Other Stage 2012 Bangalore: Day Two Roundup

The final day at The Other Stage saw performances by an eclectic lineup of singer-songwriters from around the country, and Martina Topley-Bird.

17 Dec, 2012

Arjun S Ravi


Day two at The Jack & Jones Other Stage saw an eclectic lineup of bare-bonesed performances by singer-songwriters from around the country, and Martina Topley-Bird. The Other Stage curates acoustic and stripped-down sets by young artists and acts as a breather from the big hitters on The Dewarists stage. At the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Bangalore, The Other Stage faced The Dewarists, separated in the middle by the sound console tent. As soon as a performance on The Dewarists stopped, a set on The Other Stage started.

When we spoke to Kamal Singh, aka 3Sevens, before the Weekender, he told us, “I’m not a happy person. I can’t write happy songs.” The Lounge Piranha man kicked off proceedings at The Other Stage with a moody, mellow acoustic set. “This is an old song,” said Singh before playing his track ‘Destiny’. A crowd comprising mostly Bangalore scenesters watched as he delivered a no-nonsense, efficient performance that was a bit too despondent for the start of the day. Still, the appreciative audience, some of whom shouted (I say shouted, it was more a muted request) for Lounge Piranha songs, made the most of the time they got to spend watching the reclusive local.

Kamal Singh aka 3Sevens

Nishchay Parekh
Nishchay Parekh is a singer-songwriter from Kolkata (though he is, as his name suggests, of Gujarati origin) who is also part of a rising indie pop band called The Monkey In Me. His solo pastiche is an inclusive, twee pop sound that’s perfect for a laid back, afternoon set. His material is reminiscent of acts like Young The Giant and Goldspot, though I spoke to Parekh after his set and he cited Broken Social Scene and Feist as big influences. A healthy crowd, with a few pre-teens as well, watched Parekh, who was accompanied by PINKNOISE drummer Jivraj Singh on percussion, croon in his cutesy nasal tones for songs like ‘Me & You’, ‘Panda’ and ‘Ghost’. Keep an eye out for this one, the promise of something special is here.

Jivraj 'Jiver' Singh and Nischay Parekh

Under The Influence
Mumbai pop rock act Under The Influence followed Susheela Raman’s mesmerizing performance at The Dewarists, and acted as an appropriate breather before The Raghu Dixit Project took that stage. Their sound would not be out of place at the fag end of an open mic night in Bandra or a terrace house party; simplistic synth pop melodies that sound like something you’ve heard before (the intro to the last song they played sounded eerily similar to Miike Snow’s ‘Paddling Out’) with semi-inventive lyricisms.

Under The Influence

Martina Topley-Bird
“This is my first time in India, and I’m older than all of you. Put together.” A strong crowd waited at the front of the barricade at The Other Stage for trip-hop chanteuse Martina Topley-Bird, even before The Raghu Dixit Project had finished their set. The singer, well known for her work with acts like Tricky and Massive Attack, seemed unperturbed by the sound leak from the Eristoff Wolves Den (where Bauchklang were doing their thing), and wanted to make the best of her first appearance in a country which she “feels ashamed, as a women of the world” that she hadn’t visited earlier. She was joined on stage by Guru and Shreyas on percussion, though it was clear from the stop-start nature of the set that they hadn’t rehearsed much, if at all, before. Still, fans did get to sample tracks like ‘Ilya’, ‘Snowman’ and ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’, which she performed with the help of an on-stage synth and loop station. She closed her set by asking the audience if they wanted to listen to ‘Sandpaper Kisses’ or ‘Too Tough To Die’, launching into the latter much to the delight of the gathered fans.

Martina Topley-Bird

Photos by Vivek Manek

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