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Pepsi Dub Station 2012 Bangalore: Day Two Roundup

What a fantastic way to close the Pepsi Dub Station 2012.

17 Dec, 2012

Vishad Sharma

Contributing Writer

The second day at the Pepsi Dub Station was all about partying and doing it hard. The acts featured on the stage ranged from hip-hop to dubstep, but were a little heavier on the reggae and dancehall side, giving fans a great plate to choose from and none of the acts disappointed. The most amazing part of the day was how cohesively all the acts came together to give the stage incredible performances one after the other.

Wazulu Da Ill Dravidian
Wazulu Da Ill Dravidian played a great DJ set at the Pepsi Dub Station, starting off with a mellow mix. The set featured emcees AX, Shire Roots and Diggy Dang taking up the mic and rapping to Wazulu’s beats. There were about five people who were jiving to the great set, but the bass-heavy beats he added were wasted on an empty stage. The DJ sampled ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ by The Ramones before mixing it up with ‘Get Your Freak On’ by Missy Elliot and kept the energy high most of the time. There were a few, unexpected lows in the set where the rhythm shifted from overdrive into slower, mellow beats, but overall, the set didn’t disappoint.

Wazulu Da Ill Dravidian on the console with MC AX on stage

MooSick’s set was bass drops galore. The Canadian DJ knows how to get a party started and even with a small crowd of about 50 people, he made sure everyone was dancing. The set started off calmly, but got heavy pretty soon with the DJ dropping heavy bass grooves and sampling some great dubstep and pop. The highlight of the set was easily the Vengaboys ‘We Like To Party’ sample which then moved into a groove-laden track that got the audience jumping. The set ended by 5.20pm and by the time it was over, the number of people in the crowd had doubled. The Reggae Rajahs stepped on stage as MooSick signed off and got everyone jiving to Ini Kamoze’s ‘Here Comes The Hotstepper’.

MooSick and Diggy Dang of the Reggae Rajahs

Delhi Sultanate and Begum X
Delhi Sultanate and Begum X brought much needed charisma and action to an otherwise laid back Dub Station crowd. The preceding acts had been great, but they failed to engage with the audience in the way the New Delhi reggae/dancehall/ska duo did. The couple were backed by Diggy Dang of the Reggae Rajahs on the console and after getting the audience excited with a great cover/rework of the classic song ‘Fever’ by Patsy Cline, the duo went on to perform incredibly energetic renditions of some songs from Sultanate’s BASSFoundation and The Ska Vengers (a band both performers are a part of). The set highlights were ‘Criss And Shine’, ‘Eena Meena Deeka’ – a song about how the media is lying to the people – and ‘Vampire’, a song about the police. The set ended with the duo performing a cover of ‘Sun Is Shining’ by Bob Marley and gave the Dub Station one of its standout sets of the day.

Delhi Sultanate and Begum X

Reggae Rajahs
Riding on the wave of energy that Delhi Sultanate and Begum X’s performance gave the audience, the New Delhi reggae soundsystem kicked off a very energetic set. Mr. Herbalist and Diggy Dang form a great two-man team as they jump around and get the audience enthused about all the right things. The set started off a little slow but the Rajahs soon got the groove exactly right and retained a large part of the audience that had come for the previous performance. The set previewed some new, heavier material that blew the socks off the audience and by the end of the set, the area in front of the stage had dust clouds rising up in the air and pretty much looked like it had been hit by a head-banging meme bomb, because no one at the stage was standing still.

The crowd going wild during the Reggae Rajahs set

Ziggi Recado
Ziggi Recado took the stage after the Rajahs had primed the audience for him. The Dutch reggae singer was aided by Carlito, a selecta on the console. The reggae singer got into his traditional dub/reggae space with ease, shifting the vibe from heavy dub to classy reggae, but the crowd’s energy ebbed a bit. The first song he sang was about smoking ganja and so were most of the others. The act in itself was not the most exciting thing to watch, but the people who had been at the stage all day had a great time. Recado seemed a bit disappointed by the reception he got, and even asked the audience if they got the vibe of reggae music, which the Bangalore audience did get into after a little while. The set ended on a good note though and Recado finished a little earlier than scheduled, with couples slow dancing and even a line of about ten odd people dancing in unison as he played his last couple of songs.

Ziggi Recado

Herb-A-Lize It
The east Holland-based soundsystem had not come to Bangalore in full force with only MC Sultan and selecta Carlito playing at the stage. The act had a great stage presence and some amazing energy that translated well with the crowd, but the audience weren’t willing to let the soundsystem experiment too much. The initial part of the set saw them play some hip-hop from the west coast, playing songs like ‘Still DRE’ among others. The party started after the duo started playing some heavy dubstep tracks and mixing it up with some more old school hip-hop from the 1980s and 1990s. After playing some Bob Marley and getting the crowd primed for good reggae, the duo started playing Apache Indian and – before you knew it – were joined on stage by the Reggae Rajahs and three girls who were intent on dancing the stage away. The stage soon got even more crowded with Delhi Sultanate and Begum X getting on stage. Herb-A-Lize It and the Reggae Rajahs then started playing off each other, playing some more Apache Indian and reggae versions of songs like ‘Twist And Shout’. Ziggi Recado came back on stage as well and represented Herb-A-Lize It as they went “song-to-song” with the Reggae Rajahs and Delhi Sultanate. The stage ended with the immensely energetic MC Sultan taking the crowd around on a merry ride all over the grounds, which was the perfect ending to the otherwise never-ending party at the Pepsi Dub Station.

Herb-A-Lize It

Photos by Ram Kumar

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