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Eristoff Wolves Den 2012 Bangalore: Day Two Roundup

Day two of the Eristoff Wolves Den featured solid sets by BLaNK and Arjun Vagale and exceptional performances by Bauchklang and Midival Punditz.

17 Dec, 2012

Siddhant Mehta

Contributing Writer

After recovering from the massive energy surge that was the first day, the Eristoff Wolves Den was in for a calmer day two. A well-programmed day saw the likes of Chennai house group BLaNK and Arjun Vagale lay solid foundations for Austrian beatboxing group Bauchklang and the Midival Punditz to finish off a frantic weekend of EDM.

Chennai house trio BLaNK were a good choice to open the Eristoff Wolves Den on day two. They started their set with some ambient/house tracks which slowly drew in a small but sizable crowd. The trio seemed to have three clearly defined roles which kept the the set interesting. BlaNK consists of two DJs, DJ Skip and DJ Manny, who mix the music live and their third member, Nirupama is a flautist/keyboard player. Turntablist DJ Skip was definitely adept at scratching and flautist Nirupama added an extra dimension to the performance. An uplifting performance to start the day.


Vir Das’ Alien Chutney
Showmanship is something a lot of young bands aspire to but Vir Das didn’t have to worry about that. Alien Chutney were putting in a good shift behind their vocalist, who kept the banter with the crowd going throughout. The comedy rock songs dealt with advice your parents give you, metal(s), Haryanvi men and manboobs, among other things. People enjoyed the jokes, gags and various other observations that Vir Das made on stage, and considering the fact that it worked out really well for him and the band in both the Delhi (report) and Pune (report) editions of the Weekender, this came as no surprise.

Vir Das' Alien Chutney

Arjun Vagale presents Re:Focus
We spoke to Arjun Vagale about Re:Focus earlier this year (check out the interview here) and he even played this special set at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2012, Pune, to close the Eristoff Wolves Den there. While the show was similar to the Pune one, experiencing it in conjunction with the gorgeous Bangalore sunset made a substantial impact. The lights, the visuals and the music are all equally important during the Re:Focus set and watching it is quite an engaging experience. The concept will get more and more polish as Vagale plays it in other settings, and we, like many in the audience, spent the set dancing away.

Arjun Vagale

“Dudes! You have to see this! Five guys are gonna make electronic music without any instruments!” or some such variant of the statement could be heard around the Eristoff Wolves Den before Bauchklang took to the stage. To put this all in context, the Austrian beatboxers have been performing in India for over four years now and they have built quite a strong fan following in that time. Having never seen Bauchklang live before, it was hard to comprehend how any of these people managed to make the sounds they did and yet do it in such a composed manner. You could tell that they’ve been beatboxing together for years and the highlight of this particular performance has to be Alex Boeck, who was the human bass. This is not to say the others were not excellent, but just that Boeck was exceptional, because his lows were uncannily like a sub-woofer. They went through their set at near break-neck speed and they had the crowd eating out their hands at pretty much every turn. Easily one of the biggest sets of the weekend.


Midival Punditz (live)
The “live” part is of particular importance here because even though the Midival Punditz put together great DJ sets, their live acts can be elaborate and expansive. The set was pretty much along the lines of what they played at the Delhi edition of the Weekender (check it out here). The beauty of the set lay in the collaborations they did on stage at various points with different artists. Whether it was Baiju Dharmajan, who joined them on guitar for a song, or Karsh Kale, who sang ‘Electric Universe’, the collaborations added value to every song during the set. Other contributors included Kutle Khan (of Rajasthan Roots) and even Vishwesh K (who just finished his performance with Scribe moments earlier). Another special guest they had on stage was Papon and he even sang a very special version of ‘Banao’ with the audience. Stunning visuals backed up the entire performance as the Midival Punditz closed the Eristoff Wolves Den with the energetic dance track ‘Bhangrastep’.

Midival Punditz

Photos by Dev Ambardekar

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